Claymore – Season One

The Claymore strides into town to gasps and looks of terror. She has been hired to eliminate a Yoma, a shape-shifting demon that can mimic any human. Only the Claymores can spot them in the human form as they themselves are part Yoma.

Clare wanders from job to job dispatching Yoma with ease. In one instance she takes pity on a boy, Raki, who is thrown out of his home because the Yoma was hiding within his family. For whatever reason, he keeps her grounded and even gives her a new purpose to live.

The Organisation, however, is not so keen on her new found purpose. They are responsible for assign the Claymores their tasks and they have one especially for her. Clare is sent deep into the mountains with another three Claymores, their target an Awakened Being, a former Claymore who has succumbed to their Yoma power.

This series is amazing. It starts slow and focused. We follow Clare and Raki, learning about the world in which they live, the threats of the Yoma, and the power of the Claymore. There are some epic sword fights with dark and dangerous monsters.

Then as it progresses we delve deeper and deeper into the backstory and you start to get a real appreciation of the epic scale of the story. The Yoma and Awakened Beings just seem to get bigger and stronger and more incredible looking. They are truly terrifying creatures.

And then there’s the organisation that runs things. They seem shady and full of lies and secrets. The variety of the Claymores is incredible, all with different powers, abilities, and personas.

I seriously hope they make more of these, it was fantastic. My only complaint was Raki. He was utterly annoying with all his whining and crying, but then even with him in it, I would watch more. There is a manga series which is twenty-seven books long, so I know what I’m going to be reading for the next while.

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