Children of the Whales – Season One

The endless sand sea stretches out in every direction. The Mud Whale, a mobile island, aimlessly drifts through the sand. Normal life for the inhabitants is put on hold when a new island drifts into view. It has been six months since the last one.

The majority of the inhabitants of the Mud Whale are ‘Marked’ giving them access to incredible supernatural abilities but abnormally short life spans. Chakuro, the village archivist and one of the ‘Marked’, goes with an expedition to the new mysterious island in search of supplies.

There they discover a crumbling civilisation, long since vanquished, and a mysterious injured girl. They bring her back to the Mud Whale and discover there is much more to the outside world than they could possibly imagine.

Alright, let’s start with what I enjoyed. The animation style was very good. There was a great blend of clean animation and grainy backgrounds that really brought the Mud Whale and the sand seas to life. It had some very interesting premises and ideas.

Sadly, for me, that is where it ends. It felt like there was a real absence of story. Things just meandered along and stuff happened. None of the characters really grabbed me and made me want to support them. Several actively did the opposite, but it still wasn’t enough for me to like anyone enough to care.

It was one of those shows where when it ended, I kind of just shrugged and looked for something else to watch. No dwelling on the cool story or awesome characters, because they weren’t any. If they make a season two, I’m not sure that I would watch it. They really didn’t do enough to make me care about any of it, which was a shame because it deserved a more compelling story.

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