Hinomaru Sumo (Episodes 9-12)

Hinomaru Sumo Title

The Oodachi High sumo team are in the finals of the preliminary tournament with the winning team heading to the National Championship. It’s 2-2 with all hopes resting on Hinomaru!

What’s happened since last time?

Hinomaru goes up against another National Treasure in the final match of the team tournament. The match is epic as it swings back and forth. Seriously, these fights are tense. One wrong move and it’s over. Hinomaru manages to put a number of moves together to win with a monster combo.

Next is the individual tournament where the wrestlers get to test themselves against their team mates. The fights between Hinomaru and Kunisaki, and then Hinomaru and Shinya are excellent. Ultimately, Hinomaru wins the individual tournament and the team head back home.

To celebrate the victory and the addition of Chizuko and Reina as co-managers the team head to an all you can eat buffet. Not one to rest on his laurels, Kirihito turns it into a trained exercise and uses it to help the team bulk up, much to the horror of restaurant owner, Stamina Jiro.

Finally, they receive an invitation to train with some of the pros in Nagoya. Something that they jump at. Hinomaru is taken to practice with the best of the best, where he catches one by surprise, but is quickly put back in his place, before a mysterious old man takes an interest in Hinomaru and invites him back to his gym.

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Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemist Knight (Season One)

Montmorency hopes to bring peace to the world, but first he’ll have to end the Hundred Years War between England and France.

What did you watch and why? This was one of the Fall 2018 seasonal series that I picked up. It was one that I was quite keen to watch and had high hopes for. I mean, just look at the header. It looks like it should be a lot of fun.

What’s it about? Montmorency is a student at a knight school along with his close friends Richemont, Phillippe, and Charlotte. They make a pledge to always remain friends and help each other out in their times of need. Montmorency is fascinated by alchemy and has managed to obtain a philosophers stone, believing that it will grant him the power to change the world.

When Richemont is drafted into the French army and sent to war, Montmorency tries to unlock the philosopher’s stone’s powers, but before he realizes seven years have passed. The English have made strides into France capturing Paris and other stuff… blah, blah, blah. Even the synopsis is boring.

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Blood-C: The Last Dark

Desperate to track down Fumito and make him pay for what he put her through, Saya heads to Tokyo and hooks up with a group of hackers. This time she’s after blood!

What did you watch and why? When I selected Blood-C as part of my A to Z Anime Challenge I was aware of the movie and had planned to watch it anyhow, even before I realised it followed on from the series. If anything it’s kind of a feature-length final episode.

What’s it about? It’s been six months since the conclusion of Blood-C and Saya is healed and thirsty for revenge. She heads to Tokyo in search of Fumito and his sinister organisation. It doesn’t take long before Saya encounters an Elder Bairn on the subway. It grabs a girl and flees. She gives chance ultimately killing the Elder Bairn and saving the girl.

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Blood-C (Season One)

In a small town with a sinister secret, mysterious monsters feed on the humans, and a schoolgirl with a sword may be their only hope of survival.

What did you watch and why? This was the second series from my A to Z Anime Challenge. I remember watching a short movie back in the days of VHS called Blood: The Last Vampire, which was very cool. So, when I saw the cover art for this series, I assumed it must be connected and decided to watch it. It was connected.

What’s it about? Saya is your average schoolgirl. Well, not quite. She lives at a shrine with her father, a stoic and serious man. When she’s not doing her chores around the shrine or going to school, she fights demonic creatures called Elder Bairns who feast on human flesh.

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The Promised Neverland (Episode 3)

The arrival of another adult at the orphanage changes things for the children. Will they be able to adjust their plans in time to escape?

What did you watch? I managed to watch episode three of the Promised Neverland four minutes after it aired. No more shutting down the internet and hiding from spoilers for me. Don’t worry, I’ll go over what happened shortly. I’m just filling up the preview with spoiler free waffle.

All right, that should do it. If you’re reading beyond here, I am going to assume that you’ve seen the first three episodes or are one of those people that likes spoilers…

What happened? Sister Krone joins the staff at the orphanage and immediately sets about getting to know the children. Mother tells her in no uncertain terms that she is just a guard to watch the children. She also confides in her that two of the children know about the harvest.

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