One Piece (Season Six)

Just when things look like they’re about to settle down for the Straw hat pirates, a boat falls out of the sky and sinks into the depths below. Curious as to how that could happen they dive down to see what they can find.

One of the weird treasures they recover is a map of a place called Skypiea. They encounter pirates and salvage teams before riding a jet of water into the clouds where they discover an island with angels, demons, and gods.

The Straw hat pirates will be pushed to their limits and beyond as they come up against Eneru and his priests. Can they come to terms with this strange new land and the weird people that exist there? Continue reading “One Piece (Season Six)”

Akame ga Kill

Tatsumi travels to the capital, determined to join the Imperial Guard and earn enough money to save his village from starving. Once there he realises it’s not the shining beacon of hope he’d believed it would be.

When the kind family that has taken him in are attacked by Night Raid, a shadowy group of assassins, he jumps in to save them, only to discover just how messed up the capital is. Turns out the rich family like to take in lost country folk and torture them to death.

Discovering that his two companions had already met a gruesome end at their hands, Tatsumi strikes down the wealthy daughter and joins the group of assassins as they attempt to destroy the corruption that has plagued the empire. Continue reading “Akame ga Kill”

Hundred – Season One

Giant alien creatures known as Savages have been attacking the Earth for decades, but Humanity isn’t about to give up. Using Hundreds, a mysterious device that bonds with the host to give them control over super-powered weaponry is their only hope.

Hayato arrives at the floating military city/training academy called Little Garden with the highest ever Hundred compatibility. This makes the quiet and considered individual an instant celebrity. Unfortunately, it also ends up forcing him to duel with the academy president and most powerful slayer, Claire Harvey.

His roommate, Emile offers to help him prepare for his duel and reveals that they have known each other for years, although Hayato has no recollection of this. Can Hayato win his duel and live up to the promise of his potential Continue reading “Hundred – Season One”

Deadman Wonderland – Season One

Tokyo was destroyed in the Red Quake. Now, standing in its place is the private prison/amusement park called Deadman Wonderland. The inmates are forced to take part in life or death events for the amusement of the paying public and as a way to reduce their sentence.

Ganta Igarashi was just a regular high school student until his entire class were brutally murdered. As the only survivor, he has been deemed the lead suspect. Following a damning court trial, he is sentenced to death at Deadman Wonderland.

Once in the prison, Ganta is singled out and forced into an underground fighting tournament where he will have to use a special ability he didn’t know he had. He’s only just coming to terms with what’s happened to him, but he better do it quickly, because in the Carnival Corpse he’s fighting for his life. Continue reading “Deadman Wonderland – Season One”

Attack on Titan – Season Two


Annie, the female Titan, has been captured, but the level of trust in the 104th Training Corps is at an all-time low. They’ve been stripped of their weapons and vertical manoeuvring equipment while the Survey Corps assesses the potential threat.

The appearance of Titans within Wall Maria throws everything into a tailspin. The Survey Corps and the 104th have to flee for their lives while attempting to find the breach. If Wall Maria has been compromised, it could spell the end for humanity.

A new abnormal Titan, covered in fur, leads the Titans to attack during the night. Stranded in an old castle outpost without their weapons forces the soldiers to make some difficult decisions. Continue reading “Attack on Titan – Season Two”