Double Decker! Doug and Kirill – Second Chances (Episodes 5-8)

What’s happened since last time? We see more of Esperanza, the gang behind Anthem, the dangerous street drug and they’re crazy. More of Doug’s past is revealed, showing us why he’s obsessed with taking down Esperanza. Kirill finds his sister… kind of, and we learn more about the team.

Have your feelings changed? I really enjoyed the comedy elements of the first four episodes and thankfully that continued. It’s generally fairly dark or surreal humour which is right up my street. The crime elements are getting stronger too, although, did they really try to pull a Keyser Soze on us with a Walter White looking character? Continue reading “Double Decker! Doug and Kirill – Second Chances (Episodes 5-8)”

H.o.t.D.D. – The Dead’s House Rules (Episode 10)

What did you watch? That was episode ten of the Highschool of the Dead anime series. There are only two episodes left… After that, I have Drifters of the Dead, the OVA, to watch and the manga to read. So, there’s still plenty to get through, but it’s still hard, knowing that I’m so close to the end.

What happened? After Takashi and Saeko made it to Takagi’s house, the group was all back together again, but not everything seemed right. An uneasiness spread through the group as they tried to readjust to life almost as it was before the outbreak.

Takagi called a meeting to discuss how they were going to continue. Would they join up with her parent’s group or go it alone? She revealed more of her past and the pressure that her strict parents have put on her, forcing Takashi to get annoyed as the rest don’t even know if their parents are alive.

Before things get to heated, Takagi’s father returns and then beheads a former retainer who has now become a zombie. It was a show of strength for the survivors that they have gathered at their estate. It would appear that they are preparing to hit the road.

Hirano and Takashi have a fight, no doubt caused by the strange situation that they have found themselves in. Takashi aptly likens it to the Mutiny on the Bounty. When he searches for Hirano so that they can clear the air, he finds him surrounded by men demanding Hirano give up his guns.

What hooked you? It was a slower episode that focused on the group and how they were adapting to a return to normal. As you would expect, they aren’t coping that well. Rifts are starting to form and petty arguments seem to come from nothing.

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SSSS. Gridman – Second Chances (Episodes 5-8)

What’s happened since last time? Gridman continues to easily defeat whatever Kaiju Akane creates with relative ease. The big change is that now everyone knows that Akane is behind it and that the city isn’t really what it seems.

Have your feelings changed? My original feelings were tied to the impressiveness of the battles and the overall destruction. It was exciting and cool. I also predicted that it was a virtual world or something similar, so far that’s not looking like a bad prediction.

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H.o.t.D.D. – The Sword and the Dead (Episode 9)

What did you watch? This was episode nine of the Highschool of the Dead anime series. As I close in on the final series, I can’t help but feel the sense of dread hanging over me. Why does it have to end? I was thinking of making this a regular December thing for me, but I don’t think I can wait that long.

What happened? Most of the group is with Takagi’s mother thanks to the timely rescue at the end of the last episode. Takashi and Saeko, however, are trapped on the far side of the zombie horde. With no chance of getting through, Takashi leads Saeko through the back streets.

Unable to get close to Takagi’s house, they search for a motorbike but instead find an amphibious military vehicle. Takashi uses it to lure the zombies away from the house. They take to the river and park on a sandbank, waiting for the horde to disperse.

To kill time, Takashi asks Saeko about whether she had a boyfriend or even a crush. This seems to open up a part of her that she had repressed, but luckily the horde disperses and they make their way back to the streets. The sun has set and rather than fight through the night they take refuge in a temple.

Saeko reveals her past and how she believes she has always been a killer, even before the zombie outbreak. Takashi consoles her and then in the morning convinces her to continue to fight at his side. This seems to be enough to bring her back and now armed with a real sword, she takes the fight to the zombies.

What hooked you? This was a very intimate episode, focusing entirely on Takashi and Saeko. As my two favourite characters in this series, and Saeko being one of my all time favourite characters, it was exactly what I’ve been waiting for.

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H.o.t.D.D. – The Dead Way Home (Episode 8)

What did you watch? And that makes it eight episodes of Highschool of the Dead. I am now two thirds of the way through. Does it really have to end? I am seriously thinking about bingeing the whole series immediately after I finish before writing the series review.

What happened? Having rescued Arisu and Zero, the group take the Humvee across the river, driving through the shallows. When they get to the offer side there is no sign of the living or the dead. The girls take the chance to get dressed as Hirano and Takashi check the surroundings.

They’ve been driving around for a while now, but there’s still no sign of anyone. Then just as they start to relax they come across a horde and the further they go the bigger it gets. Desperate to break free Marikawa floors it, but then Saeko spots something in the road.

Someone has put up a wire barrier, presumably to the keep out the dead. The Humvee skids on the zombie remains and then won’t restart. Rei was thrown from the roof in the process and landed awkwardly, hurting her back. Takashi jumps down to protect her.

More and more zombies shuffled towards them. Saeko engages with her training sword, Hirano starts picking them off one by one, and Takashi uses Rei’s rifle, but none of it is enough. Even Takagi runs in to help. Things are looking dire.

What hooked you? A lot of the episodes have been consistent in their pacing. We’ve seen slow and considered and fast and action-packed, but in this episode, we got a little bit of both. I think they were trying to catch us out. It was also the first time where the group looked to be in serious trouble.

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