Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Episode 9) – Temari Demon and Arrow Demon

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Title

Lady Tamayo’s house has been uncovered by two powerful demons. Tanjiro is about to face a foe, unlike anything he’s come up against before. Oh, it’s on!

What did you watch?

It’s starting to look like cliffhangers are going to be a continuing theme for Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. We’ve had a couple in a row now, so it’s no surprise that episode 9 is following on directly from the last episode. Things are about to get very messy for Tanjiro and Nezuko. Let’s get right into it, shall we? There will be spoilers going forward…

Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Episode 9 Susamaru Having Fun
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Fruits Basket (Episode 9) – Yuki Was My First Love

Fruits Basket 2019 Banner

Another Soma rolls into town and this time it’s Haru, but is it Light Haru or Dark Haru? Either way, it’s going to be another thing for Tohru to worry about!

What did you watch?

So, Fruits Basket’s air time was delayed in Japan due to the coverage for the French Open. As a result, it was delayed around the world, which is why this post is coming a day later than usual. Now, I like tennis as much as the next person, but come on! Anyhow, back to Fruits Basket. I’ve heard rumours of this season having 24 and 26 episodes and that there will be a second season with the same amount. Unfortunately, none of that is confirmed, so nothing’s really changed!

Fruits Basket Episode 9 Kyo Sees His Chance
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Knight’s & Magic (Season One)

Knight's & Magic Title

A gifted programmer is killed in a car accident and finds himself reborn into a new world with magic, monsters and giant mecha!

What did you watch?

This was my selection for the letter K in my A to Z Anime Challenge. Now, first things first. The apostrophe in Knight’s… they put it there, not me. Ironically, on the manga, it doesn’t have the errant apostrophe, but I’m reviewing the anime, so it is what it is. Anyhow, let’s get on with the review.

What’s it about?

Tsubasa Kurata was a gifted programmer and mecha otaku until a car accident ended his life. He was, however, reincarnated as a young boy in a mysterious Kingdom where magic exists. With his knowledge of programming and obsession with mecha, Ernesti (Tsubasa) is determined to become a Silhouette Knight pilot known as a Knight Runner, but given his small stature, it seemed unlikely.

That’s not enough to put Ernesti off though, if need be he’ll learn the secrets and build his own. Luckily, his knowledge of programming has prepared him for the use of magic, which seems fairly similar. He enrols in the prestigious Laihiala Academy and soon finds himself thrust into a dangerous situation, but also one where he can show his true potential.

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Sankarea: Undying Love (Episodes 12-13) – A Yomu and Lynn Collab

Sankarea Title

Rea’s father has finally given up on trying to control her life… er… undead life! This means that it’s now up to Chihiro to look after her and find a way to preserve her body!

What did you watch?

Well, this is it! We’ve finally reached the end of Sankarea: Undying Love. This is the last time I shall be collaborating with Yomu from the Umai Yomu Anime Blog … on this project… As Yomu hosted the last post which covered episodes 10 and 11, I got to put together another gallery post, but this time I chose the poor and unloved Lady Sanka, Rea’s mother as the subject. I think it’s worth having a look, especially as I carefully stitched together some nice pics. Anyhow, as before, my comments will be in plain text and Yomu’s in bold.

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Heaven’s Lost Property: Angeloid of Clockwork (Movie)

Heaven's Lost Property Title

Hiyori’s just your average teenage girl. She likes the peace and quiet of Sorami, but there’s one thing she likes more – Tomoki!!!

What did you watch?

I don’t know exactly how long I’ve been waiting to watch this movie, but it’s been a while for sure. When I originally finished watching season two, I discovered that there was a movie, but it wasn’t available on any of my services. Then, when I signed up for Funimation, there it was, but I wasn’t about to watch it cold. No, that’s why I’ve been re-watching seasons one and two. That’s why you’ve had to put up with me talking about exploding panties and obscene wrestlers. I hope it’s been worth it.

What’s it about?

Hiyori is a teenage girl that lives in Sorami and she loves it. She tends to a garden to pay her way and attends school with Tomoki, although he barely knows she exists, she’s all too aware of him. Even before the Angeloids appeared she has had a crush on him. A massive crush! In an attempt to get close to Tomoki, Hiyori joins the New World Discovery Club.

This takes the club into a new funding bracket which further infringes on Tomoki’s quiet and peaceful life. So, in a desperate attempt to reduce the numbers he puts Hiyori through a gruelling initiation test. Luckily for Hiyori, he doesn’t have it in him to make her eat the edible panties on sushi rice, but that’s of little comfort to Sohara who makes amends the only way she knows how…

Heavens Lost Property Angeloid Of Clockwork Giant Chicken Versus Giant Sohara
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