Cat Planet Cuties (Season One)

Waking up to find a cute cat-girl in your bed would probably be a bit of a shock. Imagine discovering the ears and tail are real and you’re now the point of contact for a planet full of cat-girls!

What did you watch and why? This is my selection for the letter C in my A to Z Anime Challenge. After watch Blood-C and then Goblin Slayer!, it was time for a bit of mindless fun and Cat Planet Cuties appears to have an abundance of it.

What’s it about? Kio arrived at the funeral with the booze his uncle asked him to sneak in. As a reward, his uncle lets him have some and introduces him to a cute girl. That’s where it all gets fuzzy.

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Fall Anime 2018 – Reflections

That’s it for the Fall Anime schedule for 2018. All of my season reviews are available for completed seasons, however, there are three series that are continuing into the Winter 2019 schedule. Two of those I am very happy about and one appears to be moving in the right direction. So, all in I’m quite happy with how things are going.

Obviously, this means that I will be diving into the Winter schedule soon, although, as before, I will be watching them in batches of four. That means I’ve got a bit of time to kill, which is nice. I think I’ll look at catching up on some older series that I’ve not got around to yet.

As before, I have placed each series into a tier based on my opinion. They’re not ranked within tiers as I don’t believe in scoring. You may agree or disagree with where I’ve placed them and that’s fine. We don’t have to agree on everything. The tiers have slightly different names this time as it’s not about whether I continue watching them or not.

Must Watch

I Loved it!

It was all right…

Why did I watch this?


I didn’t drop any shows from the Fall schedule, although there’s a couple I do think I should have.

Radiant appears to be moving in the right direction. Admittedly, I’m not sure how I made it to twelve as I’ve only really enjoyed four episodes and three of those were in the nine to twelve batch. Hopefully, the ratio doesn’t stay the same.

Hinomaru Sumo continues to surprise me and I’m looking forward to watching another twelve episodes of that. The fights are so intense and very strategic, which is something I wasn’t expecting.

I have already started one show in the Winter Schedule and that is The Promised Neverland. This is a series that I think you will want to go into blind. Unfortunately, I caught a couple of spoilers on Twitter, so rather than waiting, I’m watching as they release. So far, I’m loving it. Anyhow, I’ll have a better idea of everything I’m watching in a couple of weeks.

Goblin Slayer! (Season One)

When a young Priestesses party of adventurers falls foul of a goblin ambush all appears lost, until an armoured man strides through the caves slaying every goblin he can.

What did you watch and why? Even before the massive out roar that followed episode one, Goblin Slayer was one of the series I was sure that I was going to watch and enjoy. I love epic fantasy and adventures, but I also like dark and gritty, so this should be a perfect union.

What’s it about? A young Priestess joins an adventuring guild and is convinced by a confident group of adventurers to join their party on an easy quest. Some goblins have kidnapped some girls and it was their job to rescue them and eradicate the goblins. The Priestess was hesitant but eager to get her first quest under her belt.

Everything goes horribly wrong. Within minutes they are ambushed and overpowered. With the end appearing neigh, the Priestess is saved by the Goblin Slayer, but the rest of the party was not so lucky. She is grateful for his help and is determined to return the favour, joining him on more quests.

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The Promised Neverland (Episode 4)

Not knowing who to trust will make escaping from the orphanage that much tougher, but can they really trust anyone?

What did you watch? So that was episode four of the Promised Neverland and it was a good one. With this series, I find that I cannot take my eyes off the screen, even for a second. There are so many little details and clues to watch for, if you blink you’ll miss them.

As per normal, this is just me filling up the preview section. I don’t want to give away spoilers to people that don’t want them, unlike the two instances I’ve stumbled upon on Twitter so far. One spoiled the first episode and another something yet to come. I am more than a little annoyed.

What happened? Mother gives Sister Krone a dressing down, on one hand promising to help her become a Mother if she behaves and with the other threatening to destroy her if she steps out of line again. That’s right, again. She definitely knows more than she should.

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Radiant (Episodes 9-12)

Seth and Melie convince the Doc to take a job that could potentially erase their combined debt, but it means leaving Artemis and capturing a Nemesis.

What’s happened since last time? We start this batch of episodes by spending some time with the Inquisitors, watching a new recruit ponder his choices as they float outside Artemis. They are still waiting for Seth to emerge which means maintenance of their ship and lots of waiting.

Then they chase down a Leviathan Nemesis that is heading towards a populated area. Back in Artemis, Seth and Melie enter a broom race hoping to win some money, but as usual things don’t go to plan. Next they find a job to go to Rumble Town and track down a Nemesis. Doc is against the idea until his crush overhears. Now he doesn’t have a choice.

Have your feelings changed? Surprisingly, it has. After eight episodes, I was getting increasingly frustrated with the series. Seth screams and yells a lot, but really doesn’t have much of a clue beyond being noble. That said, once they finally left Artemis and got down to some real business, it started to get interesting.

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