The Promised Neverland (Episode 2)

Life at the orphanage will never be the same again. Can the children find a way to escape or will they be left to face the same fate as those before them?

What did you watch? When the first episode aired, I tried to wait for four to be available, but quickly realised that it wouldn’t be possible if I was to avoid spoilers. I’m not making that mistake again, so I watched episode two shortly after it went live.

Also, I believe that this should take us past the preview of this post, so let’s get down to business. From here on, I’m assuming you’ve seen episode one, so there will be spoilers.

What happened? The morning after Conny left the orphanage, Emma and Norman attempted to maintain appearances. They are sure that Mother will have found the bunny they left beneath the truck, but can’t be sure she knows it was them or that they saw anything.

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Double Decker! Doug and Kirill (Season One)

Lisvalletta is plagued by a new drug known as Anthem which mutates those lucky enough to survive its effects into powerful monsters. The Seven-O, a special police unit is put together to fight back.

What did you watch and why? This was one of the shows I selected for my round of seasonal anime from Fall 2018 lineup, and I am glad I did. It’s set in the same universe as the Tiger and Bunny series, one that I stopped watching after one episode… Maybe, I should revisit that. Anyhow, this is a police drama with a good helping of comedy.

What’s it about?¬†Kirill is your average police officer, but he dreams of being a hero. After spending the day looking for a missing cat he finally gets his chance, helping a detective bring down an Anthem user that is holding another officer hostage.

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One Piece (Season Ten)

The Straw-Hat pirates meet a living skeleton, get trapped on a mysterious island, battle zombies, ancient gods, and one of the seven Warlords of the Sea.

What did you watch and why? Does everything seems to be part of a challenge lately, or is just me? Well, this is no exception. As part of my One Piece A Day Challenge, where I’ve been watching an episode of One Piece every day for almost a year now, I have now completed season ten and I’m not even half way yet!

What’s it about? Fresh from the battle at Enies Lobby, the Straw-Hats flee Water-7 on the Thousand Sunnies, the new ship Franky built them before joining the crew. Having left the Marines, including Luffy’s grandfather behind they entered the Florian Triangle, a mysterious patch of water shrouded in think fog.

There they meet a living skeleton, stranded on a ghost ship. Luffy asks his to join the crew much to the bewilderment of the rest of the crew. Brook refuses, telling them that he cannot as he no longer has a shadow and sunlight would kill him. He also tells them to leave the mysterious island they’ve just arrived at, but not before asking Nami to show him her panties!

Before they know it, they have all been caught up in a sinister plan by Gekko Moriah, one of the seven Warlords of the Sea. If they are to get out of this alive, they will need to battle zombies, defeat an ancient god, beat Gekko Moriah, recover their shadows, and stop a wedding…

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The Promised Neverland (Episode 1)

A group of children play and learn at an orphanage on an idyllic plot of land. The staff are loving and caring, the children are like a family, but something is not quite as it seems!

What did you watch? This is my first series of the Winter 2019 schedule and it’s likely to be the only subtitled one that I am able to fit in. My original goal was to wait for four episodes and then watch them, but it would appear that everyone and their dog is doing a review for this series, so I’m jumping in too. Also, there are a lot of spoilers flying around and I hate spoilers.

What happened? Hold on, I’m still recovering from that sucker-punch! Even with my best efforts to avoid the spoilers, I had a sense of what was about to happen, so I thought I was prepared for it. I was not nearly prepared enough. The following review will likely contain spoilers, stop now if you don’t want to see them.

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Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero (Season One)

A hero of questionable decency smuggles the daughter of a Dark Lord back to Earth in order to protect her and keep a promise to an old foe.

What did you watch and why? This was the first title from my A to Z Anime Challenge. I picked knowing that it had one season which was twelve episodes long. Other than that, I went off the title image. That’s generally how I plan on making my picks. So this one had a hero, a hot dark lord, and a massive sword. Winner!!!

What’s it about?¬†Interestingly, the story begins with our hero, Akatsuki running through the woods where a group of well-endowed warrior maidens attack him. He fights them off with ease, immobilising them by expertly removing their undergarments (bras and panties!). Once clear of the embarrassed maidens her goes through a portal back to Earth.

There he opens the duffle bag he was carrying to reveal a beautiful naked girl concealed within. It turns out she is Miu, the daughter of a Dark Lord and Akatsuki is sworn to protect her. Having been summoned to another realm, they are placed in a special school for people gifted with combat based magic.

Akatsuki soon takes over the place with his charm and general badass nature, but it’s not long before the rulers of Alayzard realize where the Dark Lord’s daughter has gone and sent warriors to retrieve her.

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