Indies Unlimited 2017 Flash Fiction Anthology

So, the Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Anthology for 2017 is out now and if you are quick, it is free until midnight July 8 Pacific Summer Time. Now, rather than messing around with what time that is in your timezone, you might as well just get it now. Like I said, it’s completely free.

Last year’s edition, which if you remember I also had a story in, only had 33 stories. This year there is a whopping 54 stories from 26 different authors.

Each story is a maximum of 250 words so they can be read in a couple of minutes. Ideal for filling those dull moments that aren’t long enough for anything else.

I submitted three stories last year. Only one was selected, but you can find all three here. It’s still well worth your time grabbing a copy of the book as there are another 53 stories that aren’t on my website… and it’s free.

Treatment, Beyond, Wilderness.

And finally here’s the link to the book. Continue reading “Indies Unlimited 2017 Flash Fiction Anthology”

Flash Fiction – Wilderness

So, Beyond was very well received and I was really happy with it. For whatever reason, kids playing in a way that negatively affects adults seems to work really well for me. Maybe I need to come up with a full story to that effect.

It’s crazy how quickly new ideas come to you once you’ve opened the door. I have a list of stories to write that is growing faster than I can produce. It’s like my ‘To Watch’ list on Netflix…

That said, I’m going to do one more flash fiction before getting back to my main projects. For this one, I’ve decided to go with a more mysterious vibe. Hopefully, that comes across, but I really struggled to fit this into the word limit.

Well, here it is. Hope you like it. Continue reading “Flash Fiction – Wilderness”

Flash Fiction – Beyond

My last flash fiction story, Treatment, was a little bit darker and more serious than my previous winning entry. With my next entry, I’m going to try and inject a little bit of humour, similar to the Drawings in the Sand.

If you haven’t tried writing flash fiction, you really should. It’s a lot of fun and doesn’t take that much time. Sure, it could take a little while for you to get into your stride, but once you’re going they will fly out of you.

It’s a great creative outlet and a fun way to experiment with writing. With only two-hundred and fifty words it’s easier to spot the errors and fix them. There’s nowhere for them to hide.

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but if you do decide to enter one, let me know. Always happy to offer some support where I can. That’s another great thing about flash fiction. You can read them in a couple of minutes. There’s always time for them.

So without further ado… Continue reading “Flash Fiction – Beyond”

Flash Fiction – Treatment

With the recent release of the Indies Unlimted Flash Fiction Anthology, I thought I should enter some more. If I’m lucky I can get into the 2017 anthology. There’s no monetary incentive, but that’s not what this is about. There are a couple of reasons to enter.

Firstly, getting a big pat on the back when your story gets selected cannot be played down. Confidence is as big a part of writing as it is anything else. Anything that builds your confidence is worth putting the time into.

Secondly, it is another publication with your name on it. Having someone else publish a book with your story in can give you a level of credibility.

Lastly, and certainly not least, they are fun to write. They’re also a great way to work on your craft. I’m an efficient writer in that I don’t like to over explain stuff. I try to give the reader just enough for them to build the picture themselves. In flash fiction, every single word counts.

Anyhow, here is my latest entry. Continue reading “Flash Fiction – Treatment”

Indies Unlimited 2016 Flash Fiction Anthology

You may remember from a while back, I mentioned that one of my flash fiction stories had been selected to go into an annual anthology. If you don’t remember or would like to refresh your memory, you can find it here – Drawings in the Sand.

Well, that day has come and the anthology has been released into the wild. Now, I know what you’re thinking.

“Why would I buy the eBook when I’ve already read the story for free?”

This is true. You can read it for free here or even on along with all the other stories. You will have to do some searching and page flipping to get through them all. Or for just 99c/99p you can grab the collection and read them hasslefree. Continue reading “Indies Unlimited 2016 Flash Fiction Anthology”