30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 3: Do you prefer Subs or Dubs?

Do you prefer Subs or Dubs? I’m not really into submissives… hang on, that’s not what you’re talking about, is it! When I first started watching anime very few shows were dubbed. I’ve also watched a lot of foreign films so I am comfortable with subtitles.

Are you saying you prefer subtitles? No. Not at all. I know there are certain elements of the anime community that look down on those that watched dubbed anime and only use the Japanese name for the shows. Personally, I don’t really care what anyone else does.

I do what I want. Sometimes I’ll watch subtitles and sometimes dubbed. When Attack on Titan was released, I was only able to get the DVD with subtitles so that’s what I did. Lately, I watch most of my anime on Funimation or Netflix and usually late at night so I tend to go with dubbed as this makes it easier to enjoy the animation.

So, my answer is that I have no preference. I take each situation on as they come. Not being bound to one or the other gives me more freedom and that’s what watching anime is all about. Why put restrictions on your entertainment?

Have you ever switched between the two? Yes, I ended up watching the dubbed version of Attack on Titan, season two. It was a weird experience. I remember the Japanese voices from season one, but somehow my brain has put the English words into those voices. Don’t ask me how or why. There are a few movies where I’ve watched the dubbed and subtitled version and I end up wasting most of my time saying ‘they didn’t say that in the other version’.

Anything else you’d like to say? Only one thing. Let’s stop worrying about how other people are enjoying their anime. The important thing is that they are watching it and if having it dubbed makes it easier then so be it. The more people that watch anime, the more shows they’re going to make and I want more shows!

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 2: Who was your first anime crush?

Who was your first anime crush? Wow! Getting personal and it’s only the second day of the challenge. Let me preface my response by setting the scene. I was just a teenager when I started watching anime and teenagers develop crushes at an unmanageable rate. It’s also worth noting that she would have been older than me at that time too… My first anime crush was A-ko (or Eiko) from Project A-ko.

What was it about her? She was a sixteen-year-old redhead with superhuman strength and speed. How aren’t you getting this? Most of my experience before Project A-ko had been gritty and dark anime such as Akira, Fist of the Northstar, and Vampire Hunter D.

It was the first time I realised that my sense of humour almost perfectly aligned with the Japanese sense of humour. You’ve got to love a girl that can make you laugh. Did I mention the superhuman strength and speed?

I had Project A-ko on VHS. It was actually the very first video I bought with my own money, so it probably has significance for that alone. That also meant that I watched it a lot.

Ever thought about getting back together? Dude! She’s a sixteen-year-old redhead with superhuman strength and speed… That said, I have recently rewatched Project A-ko for my podcast Otaku on Writing. I still absolutely love the movie and am happy that I have those memories of A-ko.

Anything else you’d like to say? There have been many crushes since and there will probably many more, but A-ko will always be the first. Before A-ko I had always been into blondes so thanks Project A-ko and anime for expanding my interests.

30 Day Anime Challenge – Day 1: What was your very first anime?

What was your very first anime? So, this is going to make me seem old, and maybe I am, but my very first anime was the 1988 masterpiece Akira. I don’t remember the exact year I saw it, but it was when Channel Four in the UK did a late night anime special on Friday nights.

Why did it interest you? Even before that point, I was primed to enjoy anime. I just didn’t know it. When all of my school friends were starting to get into Neighbours and Grange Hill I stuck with my cartoons, preferring to watch He-Man, Transformers, and just about anything as long as it was a cartoon.

They all thought they were so grown up, watching their absurd real-life dramas. Honestly, they bored the crap out of me. I was into science fiction and fantasy, and at that time cartoons was the best place to get it.

But then, everything changed. I remember wondering why Channel Four would show a cartoon at such a late time. Anyhow, Akira blew my mind. I want to say I was probably an early teen, maybe even twelve. There was violence, swearing, nudity, and an amazing story, not to mention the production values.

What happened next? By the end of the movie, I was a complete convert.  I found the only store in my town that stocked anime and bought everything I could afford. Soon after I subscribed to Manga Mania, a UK based magazine that had manga chapters from a number of different series. When I started reading, it was Akira and Dirty Pair.

Anything else you’d like to say? Ultimately, I need to thank Akira, Channel Four and Manga Mania for saving me from the monotonous garbage that is soap operas. So, thank you or should I say Arigatou gozaimasu.

30 Day Anime Challenge

Who’s up for a challenge? Did somebody say challenge? Very well, I accept. What do I have to do?

For this challenge, you have to answer one question a day about your experiences with anime. That doesn’t sound like much of a challenge, but I’ve already accepted so let’s get down to business. Can I see the questions ahead of time?

Of Course. The challenge originated on A Geeky Gal‘s Blog. You can see all of the questions and her answers there.  Awesome! Let’s do it.

For ease of navigation, here is the full list. Great, I will update them so that they link to the posts as they are published.

  1. What was your very first anime?
  2. Who was your first anime crush?
  3. Do you prefer Subs or Dubs?
  4. What anime deserves more love?
  5. What is your guilty pleasure anime?
  6. What anime recommendation have you tried this year?
  7. Who or what was the most annoying anime character?
  8. What is your favourite anime so far?
  9. What anime series will you never watch?
  10. What anime destroyed you emotionally?
  11. Who is your favourite female anime character?
  12. Who is your favourite male anime character?
  13. Who is your favourite anime couple?
  14. What is your favourite anime opening or ending?
  15. What anime has the best soundtrack?
  16. What is the last anime you watched?
  17. What is an anime you want to watch but haven’t yet?
  18. What is the weirdest anime you enjoyed?
  19. What anime would make a great video game?
  20. What video game would make a great anime?
  21. Share your favourite anime quote!
  22. What anime has the saddest death scene?
  23. What anime do you wish never ended?
  24. What anime had a big emotional impact on you?
  25. What is your comfort anime?
  26. Who is your favourite anime villain?
  27. What anime character are you most like?
  28. What anime has the best fight scene?
  29. What anime scared the crap out of you?
  30. What anime did you think you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving?

Are you ready to begin? I’m always ready, you can blame the Scouts for that. Everyone is more than welcome to join in. Just link back to this post so I can follow your progress. If you don’t have a blog, feel free to answer the questions in the comments.

The One-Liner Challenge

I’ve been blogging for several years. In total, I think I have five failed blogs that I’ve either pulled from existence or allowed to fade away. This is my latest attempt and while I’ve been busy updating it for a while now, I’ve only just started to interact with others… maybe it’s that crippling fear that someone will actually read it!

Anyhow, I’d like to say a huge thanks to A Winter’s Reverie for the nomination and the chance to join in with these awesome challenges. I seriously love challenges.

All right, here’s the official stuff before I drop some one-liners on you! Continue reading “The One-Liner Challenge”