One Piece (Season Two)

The Straw hat pirates have arrived on the Grand Line and are woefully unprepared. Luckily, a grizzly old lighthouse keeper sets them on the right path.

That path takes them to Whiskey Peak, an island that welcomes pirates and even throws a huge party to celebrate their arrival. The group indulge themselves, but not all is as it seems.

Their travels then take them to Little Garden where they find themselves in the middle of a battle between two giants that has been going on for a long time. The events at Whiskey Peak follow them to Little Garden and make things even more dangerous. Continue reading “One Piece (Season Two)”

One Piece (Season One)

Monkey D. Luffy has a dream. He is going to travel to the Grand Line, find the One Piece, and become King of the Pirates. First, he will have to assemble a crew, find a ship, and a whole bunch of other things that he hasn’t thought about.

The execution of renowned pirate Gold Roger brought about the beginning of the Great Pirate era as everyone sought to find his treasure. Daring pirate crews and flamboyant pirate captains sail the four seas in search of fame and adventure.

Luffy has one advantage, he ate a devil fruit giving him the power of a rubber man. Able to bend and stretch at will, he is a formidable fighter, but it’s his drive and determination that makes him truly unstoppable. Continue reading “One Piece (Season One)”

Heaven’s Lost Property – Season 2

Following on from the events of season 1, Tomoki now has two Angeloids living with him. Things are about to become more complicated for the peace and quiet seeking teen. A third Angeloid appears and is determined to kill Tomoki.

The story in the second season falls into the background as a series of episodes designed to play on the characters strengths and weakness while giving them the adequate chance to shine, or not as the case may be. Tomoki is still a huge pervert. Continue reading “Heaven’s Lost Property – Season 2”

Heaven’s Lost Property – Season 1

Tomoki is your average teenage boy. He seeks a quiet life, happy in his small town with no real goals to further himself. An unexplainable reoccurring dream featuring an angel plagues his sleeping hours. Each time he wakes with tears streaming down his face.

One evening Tomoki witnesses a bizarre event where a beautiful winged woman falls from the sky. Before he has a chance to comprehend what he saw, the angel announces that he is her master and she will do his bidding. Continue reading “Heaven’s Lost Property – Season 1”

Expelled from Paradise

Following a worldwide disaster, humanity fled the Earth to DEVA, a space station that houses a digital universe. The humans have given up their physical bodies, their consciousness digitized so that they can exist with the virtual universe.

Angela Balzac, a DEVA security officer, is closing in the notorious hacker known as ‘Frontier Settler’. Yes, her surname is pronounced ball-sack… get your head out of the gutter… She is sent down to Earth to locate and extinguish the threat. Continue reading “Expelled from Paradise”