Castlevania – Season Two

What did you watch and why? Way back in July 2017, I watched the first season of Castlevania, an anime based on the platform computer game. It was excellent, however, it only had four episodes. Season two is only eight episodes, so in reality, it’s the last two-thirds of season one.

One line pitch! The only thing standing between Dracula and human annihilation is a grumpy drunk with a bad attitude…

What’s it really about? Dracula married a human who wished to learn about science and become a doctor. She softened his heart, gaining access to untold centuries of knowledge. The church in its infinite wisdom burnt her as a witch. Dracula was not happy and now wants to wipe humanity from the face of the Earth. Standing in his way is Trevor Belmont, last of the vampire hunters, Alucard, Dracula’s son, and Sypha, a speaker with access to powerful magic.

What hooked you? The original game is somewhat of a classic and with my well-documented love of vampires, how could I not be drawn in. The thing I really enjoyed is the way they make Dracula out to be a sympathetic character. Sure, he wants to kill everyone, but to be fair, they started it.

What was your favourite scene? Basically, the whole of episode seven. It opens with Trevor, Alucard, and Sypha entering Dracula’s castle having transported it to their location. Then all hell breaks loose.

What was your least favourite scene? It’s hard to say because I didn’t think there were any wasted moments. My only complaint is how long they spent sitting in Trevor’s basement.

Who was your favourite character? Again, so many great characters to choose from. I think I’m going with Alucard… or maybe Sypha… no, definitely Alucard, he had a floating sword!

Who was your least favourite character? Funnily enough, it’s Trevor Belmont. I loved Richard Armitage’s voice for Trevor, but he was a massive dick. Other than having a cool basement and being pretty handy with a whip, there wasn’t much going for him.

Which character that needs more screen time? I’m sure she’ll get it if they do another season, but I enjoyed Camilla. She was devious and determined. A rightful heir to the title of evil villain.

What was your favourite quote? Despite his shortcomings, Trevor Belmont delivered my favourite line from the series. He was talking to Alucard.

“Behold, you sulky halfvampire bastard”

Is it similar to any other anime you’ve seen? I compared Vampire Hunter D to Castlevania, so it only seems fair to return the favour. I really can’t think of anything else that has the amazing dark gothic tones of Castlevania, the considered scheming, and intense action scenes. It really was a great way to end season one. Seriously, we can’t keep calling this season two!

Would you like another season? Definitely, I loved it. Even with the ever annoying Trevor Belmont, I would gladly sit through another season or two. If they can keep the quality as good as this one, I’d ask for even more.

What elements of the story will you use as inspiration for a short story? I really felt for Dracula in this. Just think of the potential had he regained his humanity. The wealth of knowledge would have changed the world, if not for the church. I’d really like to write a story where the villain has a believable motivation. I want the reader to understand their actions and even agree with them to a certain extent.


  1. I’m super excited to watch this. I was bummed that the first season was so short, and am glad they finally got around to a second. Also nice to see that it’s twice as long haha

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Yeah, it really did feel like the last two thirds of season one. It was very good. Lots of intrigue and backstabbing. The world building was amazing too, from the Belmont Vault to Dracula’s Castle, it was all spectacular.

      Maybe we’ll get a full season three?!?

  2. Glad to hear that season two turned out well. I need to watch this, as I enjoyed the first series. Like you, I found that the show reminded me of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.

    • Lynn Sheridan

      It had a similar tone and feel, even beyond the obvious connections like vampires and vampire hunter. Dracula’s castle is stunning too.

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