Castlevania – Season One


A lone woman wanders through the wastelands, skeletons dangling from spikes as far as she can see, but she presses on. Upon reaching her destination, she is told to leave. Dracula has no need for humans. She refuses and shows him how not all humans are the same.

Sometime later, she has been rounded up by the church for being a witch. She tries to tell them it’s science, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. Even as they burn her, she begs Dracula not to retaliate.

He arrives as she perishes and curses the city. They have one year to leave or face the consequences. Meanwhile, rich drunk kid, Trevor Belmont, has disgraced his family name and is just looking for another drink when he gets pulled into the fray.

I don’t believe it. It looks like I have been duped once again? I first saw this being advertised on Twitter along with a short trailer. It looked amazing. They merged the old video game graphics into the awesome animation of the series. Did I say it looked amazing?

So, after watching the first episode, I found myself sympathising with Dracula. He hadn’t done anything to anyone. He even gave them the chance to leave and avoid his vengeance, but did they listen? Noooo!

It was only after loving the first episode that I discovered there was only four episodes total. That is not a series. It’s a mini-series at best, probably should have been put together as a feature-length film. At the very least it should have clearly stated it was a mini-series.

Other than my gripes about the length of the series, it was actually really good and has me wanting more. Like maybe another eight to twenty episodes. So, anyhow, hopefully, they will make more of these. It finished with a pretty major cliffhanger so I’m sure they will.

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