Call Me M by B.K. Boes

Another two weeks have passed and that means it’s time for another fantastic addition to the Alteruvium Expanse. I am really enjoying the variety of the genres and styles in these stories. There’s definitely been a lean towards science fiction although there’s more to them than just genre.

So far, we’ve had a Retriever, a Sun Mage, a Gambler, a Soldier, a Mechanical Titan, a Conman, and a Protector. Impressive isn’t it, and to think we’re only halfway through. If that’s not enough, then trust me, there is a lot more to come.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned the price of these stories until now, so, here you go. They are all 99p/99c or your local equivalent and all are in the Kindle Unlimited program. So, if you have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited, you can read all of them for free. If that’s not cool enough, keep an eye on my Twitter feed for giveaways with the Alteruvium Expanse.

That’s a lot to think about, so why don’t I just introduce you to the eighth story in the Alteruvium Expanse.

Call Me M

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The dome protects the people of New Haven Acropolis from the harmful atmosphere outside, but at what cost?

Moira is a Normal. She is a hard worker, always looking for a way to expand her duties and earn more money. It won’t be long until she has enough that her mother can quit a job that is slowly killing her.

Life is a daily struggle for the Normals as they maintain the dome and preserve the luxurious lifestyle the Ri have become accustomed to. A lifestyle that they are not willing to give up. Ri manifest powers at young ages and consider the Normals to be beneath them.

Moira’s entire world is turned upside-down when her true identity is revealed. This new information threatens to upset the order of society and the Ri will do everything they can to stop that happening. With her life in ruins, Moira must find a way out, but not before making them all pay.

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