Boogiepop and Others (Episodes 1-4)

A mysterious spirit possesses the body of a high school student to fight evil.

What’s it about? A number of girls from Takeda’s high school have mysteriously gone missing. The authorities believe that they have all run away as there is no evidence of anything else, but when Takeda meets a strange caped figure with his girlfriend’s face, he starts to suspect something else is going on.

The caped figure claims to be a spirit known as Boogiepop that has inherited Touka’s body so that she can defeat a terrible evil that has appeared at the school. When the disappearances suddenly stop, Boogiepop tells Takeda that it is over and that he will not see her again.

What are your first impressions? This is definitely a series that benefits from watching more than one episode at a time. I’d go as far as to say that it should be watched in arcs. The first arc lasts three episodes that all overlap one another from different angles and perspectives. It sets a wonderfully mysterious world with rich tones and a sinister vibe.

Favourite character so far? Nagi Kirima was my favourite character. She seems to have a greater understanding of the unusual aspects that seem to be going on and is also a bit of a rebel, willing to break the rules to get to the bottom of things. I do wonder if she’ll continue to be in it as I get the sense that Boogiepop will not be limited to the one location.

Who do you want to see more of? Despite the name of the series, Boogiepop was absent for quite a lot of it. I definitely want to see more of her and get a greater understanding of what she’s doing. All in, it’s a very tense and engaging series with lots of mysteries and peculiar happenings.

Are you going to continue watching? Absolutely. I loved the first four episodes and can’t want for the next four to drop. It is certainly an interesting method of storytelling that may not resonate with everyone, but I loved seeing the different layers and working out how they fit together. It has the potential to be yet another great show with a weird name!

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