Bloodline: Otaku Stories Six

Bloodline: Otaku Stories Six

Vampires stalk the shadows, searching for prey.

After sleeping for eons, they’re ravenous.

Whose bloodline will prevail?

Bloodlines: Otaku Stories 6 contains three bloody tales inspired by Vampire Hunter D. In this collection, the authors raise the stakes and give their stories some bite.

In the Otaku on Writing podcast, Jon Cronshaw, Lynn Sheridan, and Killian Carter break down classic anime and extract story ideas to create exciting new fiction.

Listen to podcast episodes 17 to 19 and get a unique glimpse into the thought process behind these bloody tales.

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  1. Looks interesting.

    • Thanks. We’ve been watching and analyzing 1980’s era classic anime to inspire original short fiction. It’s definitely been a lot of fun to do.

  2. […] I have released 8 Valiant Lineage novellas with another short story coming out soon as a part of Bloodline: Otaku Stories Six. I have a vampire hunter and vampires swarms, there are even different levels of vampires. My big […]

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