Author Journey November 2018

Lynn Sheridan Author Journey November 2018

Any big announcements?

It was my first full month as a fulltime stay at home dad and I think we’re kind of settling into our positions. He’s the boss and now he’s crawling! It is a totally rewarding role, but it is an awful lot of work. I haven’t had a day off since I left the office… (that’s a joke!)

How’s the writing going?

There’s been a big slow down on the writing front. I am still working on a short for Otaku Stories Seven about a spaceship and some catgirls. I have edits to get through before I’m able to release Valiant Lineage Nine: The Girl in the Cage. It may be later than I’d like, but I don’t want to release something I’m not totally happy with. It is coming, so don’t worry.

Done anything interesting?

I have just completed a 30 Day Anime Challenge which is a series of questions that reveal far too much about myself, but it was a fun trip down memory lane. Another blogger nominated my site for a Neat Award, which was nice and it meant that I got to write a short story off the back of it.

What have you been watching?

It’s the new season in the anime schedule. This season I decided that instead of watching them weekly as they released, I would watch them in batches of four, thereby satisfying my need to binge shows and keeping up with the new shows, and there are some good ones too. Here’s what I’m watching:

What have you been reading?

I did it! I managed to read one-hundred manga books in 2018 and I still have December to go. I’m all up to speed with My Hero Academia – love that series, and I read the first nine books of Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon, which I also loved. It’s got me all fired up to write a fantasy series… I know, once I’ve got the other stuff done. I’ve taken lots of notes though, so I’ll be ready to dive in.

Any plans for next month?

Of course. Not too long back I read a very long and particularly scathing review of one of my all-time favourite anime – Highschool of the Dead. Someone else might let that slide, but not this guy. I’m going to watch and review every episode and prove why it is such a fantastic series. I’ve even got a catchy name for it – Highschool of the Dead December, which abbreviates to HotDD! Never has there been a more appropriate title.

Highschool of the Dead Title


  1. H.O.T.D.D!!! Can’t wait to see your thoughts about the series!

    • Lynn Sheridan

      I’ve not seen it in at least three years. Not sure why I’ve been putting it off, but I am crazy excited to get back in there. Going to do episode reviews for a change of pace.

    • I think it might have been longer for me. Where are you watching it? I might watch along with you as a refresher.

    • Lynn Sheridan

      I have it on BluRay. Doesn’t seem to be available anywhere although I think it may be on YouTube.

  2. Have you seen Spice & Wolf?
    A must-see when it comes to fantasy world building I think. Does a great job of creating a fantasy world that isn’t built around combat, and focuses on many other interesting aspects of medieval economies / politics. I’d even love a story about a medieval tax collector if it managed to create a great world / characters like Spice & Wolf did. Or anything really, I just love fantasy worlds haha so it’s nice to see a story that isn’t 100% centered around war.

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Awesome. I’ve not seen it, but it’s been on my to watch list. Think I’ll have to bump it up a few spots. There’s nothing quite like a carefully crafted fantasy world.

    • You should post about it when you do!
      It’s a great anime, I’m sure you’ll love it.

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Maybe I’ll use it as my S in the A to Z next year. Either way, I’ll definitely squeeze it in somehow.

    • Looking forward to it then!

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