Author Journey March 2019

Lynn Sheridan Author Journey March 2019

Any big announcements?

For a while now, I’ve been trying to break free from daily blog posts. It sounds easy, right? I just don’t post anything, but then I would look at the past four months of consecutive posts and I’d find myself posting again. It really is addictive!

Well, I did it. I broke free. Admittedly, it was because I went on a family vacation to Florida, spent a lot of time at Disney World, admiring all the families with matching t-shirts and the fathers with the ‘Most Expensive Day’ slogans on theirs. We all had a lot of fun and were thoroughly exhausted when we got back.

Anyhow, as a result, there were eleven days with no posts. I did keep up with my episode reviews of The Promised Neverland because that show was excellent, so there weren’t eleven consecutive days. I do feel surprisingly relieved now that I’ve managed to stop. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find more time for writing and editing my stories which have been shamefully neglected for a while now.

How’s the writing going?

All right! Didn’t I just explain what I’m going through? That said, I have started work again on the edits for Black Death. We’ve been working on this story for a long time now, so it will be quite the relief when we finally get it published. Not too far now.

On top of that, I really want to get back to work on Valiant Lineage. I currently have eight novellas available in the series and another eighteen at the first draft stage. The series is planned to be fifty-two novellas in all and I really want to get it all out there because it was a lot of fun to write.

Done anything interesting?

I managed to squeeze in a couple more sketches before I went on vacation and haven’t done any since coming back. If I’m honest, I really want to start playing around with some original characters and they won’t be ready for sharing for a little while. Mostly because I’m a bit of a perfectionist and want them to look on the paper how I see them in my head. These were my last two sketches and I think they’re probably the best two yet.

What have you been watching?

The Promised Neverland has just come to an end and has been fantastic. It was the first series that I decided to review on an episodic basis and I’m really glad I did. The discussion across other posts have been entertaining and left me thinking about it a lot. I even ended up writing a post about the antagonist of the series where I looked into her past and potential future. In Defence of Isabella was a really interesting piece to write because I had to analyse the character and look at stuff like motivation.

The A to Z Anime Challenge continues. I had started my series for E back in February and it was a great one. El Cazador de la Bruja was another really well written and thoroughly entertaining series with varied and interesting characters. It also has one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard from a series in a while. To follow, I dived into two seasons of Freezing which had its ups and downs. I’ve already started on G, but again, you’re going to have to wait and see what title I’ve chosen.

On top of those, I also have a number of ongoing titles in the seasonal schedule and will be looking to cut that back in the spring. Doing the A to Z Anime Challenge has reminded me how much I like to binge a show. I enjoy the total immersion of watching all the episodes together. I’ve decided that I will watch two seasonal shows and review them episodically. The rest will have to wait.

What have you been reading?

I have read volume three of The Promised Neverland which took me up to episode eight on the anime. I’ll probably keep going even though a second season has been announced for 2020. I also picked up volume twenty-six of Attack on Titan which was awesome. On top of that, I read six volumes of Magical Girl Apocalypse which is dark and twisted and excellent. I have another five volumes to get through and I can’t wait.

Any plans for next month?

There’s going to be the episode reviews for two new shows to look forward to. I’ve also got a collaboration in the works where we’re going to look at a particularly odd series. Some of the current seasonal shows will come to an end, which should mean less posts and more writing and editing.

Do you have any recommendations for anime, manga, or anything really? I’m always looking to broaden my horizons. Thanks for reading.

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