Attack on Titan – Season Two


Annie, the female Titan, has been captured, but the level of trust in the 104th Training Corps is at an all-time low. They’ve been stripped of their weapons and vertical manoeuvring equipment while the Survey Corps assesses the potential threat.

The appearance of Titans within Wall Maria throws everything into a tailspin. The Survey Corps and the 104th have to flee for their lives while attempting to find the breach. If Wall Maria has been compromised, it could spell the end for humanity.

A new abnormal Titan, covered in fur, leads the Titans to attack during the night. Stranded in an old castle outpost without their weapons forces the soldiers to make some difficult decisions.

Alright, I loved the first season of Attack on Titan. I’ve read all the manga and will keep reading and watching them for as long as they release them. This is such an awesome series. I love how amazingly creepy the Titans are with their wide grins and lumbering movements.

This season only had twelve episodes whereas the first had twenty-five, so I did feel a little cheated, but that’s just because I desperately need more. They followed the events in the books almost to the letter, which was great because the manga is awesome.

My biggest gripe with the series is Erin. He was annoying in the first season, but still redeemable. In this season, they just seemed to ramp up the annoyance levels. As always, Mikasa was outstanding. If you like giant monsters hell-bent on eating all the humans and dark dystopian worlds, then Attack on Titan is for you. Watch it, that’s an order.

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