Apotheosis by E.D. Cask

They’re like buses. You wait four whole days for one and two show up. To be fair I did say that we were releasing two on the first day, so this is all now just a bit of showmanship.

Remember after this one, you will have to wait two weeks for your next foray into the Alteruvium Expanse. I know, it’ll be tough, but you can do it. This is what we prepared for… No, wait, we haven’t done any preparation for a situation like this, you’re going to have to wing it. Anyhow, here is the second story from the Alteruvium Expanse.


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There was a time when he was revered. Dek can harness the sun’s powers and use it to perform incredible feats of magic, but that is old news. Thanks to amazing technological advancements, now anyone can.

Clinging to his ancient ways, Dek avoids society, suspicious of their intentions. He’s been alone for decades, hiding in the shadows, masking his presence from their peering eyes.

Soon he will be able to make things right again. The coming conjunction of the twin suns will provide him with enough power to right the wrongs of the tech age, but only if he can keep from being discovered.

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