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Are you still going? You didn’t think the A to Z Anime Challenge was enough to keep me going on its own, did you? There is lots of room for more challenges, so here’s the next one.

A little while back I read a blog post by Blackatron about how he used his love of anime to help him lose 50+ pounds. Any way you look at that, it’s amazing. It got me thinking and after a quick glance down at my belly, I was pretty sure I could benefit from losing 50 pounds too. My current weight is 250 pounds, so getting down to a nice even 200 would be amazing.

I’ve noticed everyone making their New Year’s resolutions with a mix of blogging and personal goals. Now, I don’t tend to make New Year’s resolutions, I prefer challenges, so I’m not resolving to lose 50 pounds, I’m going to challenge myself to do it. This is just my way of making myself accountable.

So, first things first. How can I use anime to inspire me to exercise? I can’t very well watch and walk. That would be disastrous. Now, if I had a treadmill, things would be different, but I don’t. For help, I searched the internet for anime exercise…

Can someone please find this lady some support?

I don’t think that helped… Back in New Zealand I used to be able to go running all year. Even in England I would run in the freezing rain, but now I live in Canada and there’s no way I’m running in subzero temperatures. For a while there, I used to go swimming on my lunch break at work, but now that I’m staying at home with my youngest, that’s not possible.

So, I need to come up with something short and easy that I can fit in around my busy day to day life. Then it came to me. Last year, I watched over 1,000 episodes of anime. If only I had done ten push-ups, sit-ups, or squats after every episode, I would have completed more than ten-thousand individual exercises. That’s a hell of a lot more than I did in 2018.

Why not twenty or a hundred, I hear you say. Well, as with anything, making small bite-sized adjustments is easier to integrate into your regular life than massive changes. Not to mention that it all adds up. How many push-ups did you do last year? Was is three-thousand?

My plan is to alternate after each episode. That means if I watch four episodes, I will have done twenty push-ups, ten sit-ups, and ten squats. Easy! I will log my progress with each of my reviews and keep a handing running total.

Also, during my internet searches, I found these handy motivational gifs that show you how to complete each of the exercises. It might help to bookmark this post so you can come back and follow along.

Push-ups. Added weight is optional!
Sit-ups. Don’t forget to stop at ten!
Squats. Is this really the best angle to record instructional videos from?

Remember to wear something comfortable that you can watch anime and exercise in. Good luck to everyone that is trying to improve themselves in 2019.


  1. I just loved this post hahah I actually did something similar to that some years back… But, I don’t watch so much Anime as you, so it didn’t work out! I hope everything goes well with this challenge! 😀

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Thanks. I’m hoping it should be manageable and if I can make it part of my normal day to day life it should be.

  2. I watched an anime about exercising ‘Anime de Training! EX’ while using the stepper and felt the two worked really well together. It was a 4 minute anime so it wasn’t a great deal of exercise but it felt good! Maybe I should find a longer running (both in time and episodes) to exercise too in 2019…

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Yeah, I’d be quite happy to walk on an incline while watching anime. Might have to save up for a while. Maybe for next year. Then I can see how far I can walk in 1,000 anime!

  3. This idea is brilliant! I employed the same idea with audiobooks and it was a dream walking while being emotionally compromised during heavy set pieces or climaxes. I plan on hitting the gym after my vacation and I heavily considering joining you in your crusade!

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Yes! Do it. Strength in numbers. We have a stationary bike with a place to rest an iPad but it’s not the most comfortable to sit on. I’d be much happier walking and watching.

      And the way I see it what’s ten push-ups, sit-ups, or squats every half an hour.

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