Alura’s Gambit by J.P. Douglas

See it wasn’t that long. Two weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of things. So, if you have read From Above or Apotheosis please don’t forget to leave a review. I know MK Clark and E.D. Cask would be very appreciative and probably do some sort of dance to celebrate.

Neither of us would know what that looks like, so feel free to imagine it how you want. I’m picturing the dance in Napolean Dynamite, but I’m sure you can think of another good one. See, leaving reviews can make everyone feel good.

Sorry, I know. You’ve been waiting two weeks. I’ll get on with it. Here is the third story from the Alteruvium Expanse. Enjoy.

Alura’s Gambit

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In a game of chance, it’s not about playing your hand, it’s about playing your opponent. Cooper may be bleeding chips, but he knows how to read a situation.

It quickly becomes apparent that not everyone is playing by the rules, which is fine by Cooper. He has no problem using their overconfidence to his advantage.

At this gaming table, nothing is as it seems, but the jackpot continues to grows and so do the stakes. Cooper is going to have employ all of his cunning and bravado just to stay in the game, let alone win.

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