Akame ga Kill

Tatsumi travels to the capital, determined to join the Imperial Guard and earn enough money to save his village from starving. Once there he realises it’s not the shining beacon of hope he’d believed it would be.

When the kind family that has taken him in are attacked by Night Raid, a shadowy group of assassins, he jumps in to save them, only to discover just how messed up the capital is. Turns out the rich family like to take in lost country folk and torture them to death.

Discovering that his two companions had already met a gruesome end at their hands, Tatsumi strikes down the wealthy daughter and joins the group of assassins as they attempt to destroy the corruption that has plagued the empire.

I absolutely loved this series. There are so many fantastic takeaways as a writer. One of the things I really enjoyed was how we see the two different sides for what they are. Some villains are just evil for evil’s sake, but most have many layers. It’s rare to find a series where the deaths of the villains are as powerful as the heroes.

There is a lot of death. Trust me, no one is safe. This is another of the elements that really set this series apart. I’ve watched some series where no one dies. When that happens, it can lose its edge. The stakes have gone, but if we’re shown that anyone can die, you can’t relax and it makes the danger that much more serious.

I read the manga first (well the 14 books that have been released so far) so came into this knowing the characters which definitely helped, but isn’t essential. As with most cases, the books are more detailed and there were some storylines that were missing, as the anime was made long before the manga finished. The last book comes out July 28. I can’t wait but am equally terrified of how it’s going to end.

This has definitely been my favourite series so far this year, possibly ever. I can’t wait to watch it again.

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