Achievement Unlocked: One-Thousand Anime

What’s this all about? You may remember from a little while back, I completed the first half of my annual challenge by reading one-hundred manga books. Well, this was the other half of the challenge. Last year I managed to watch 278 anime episodes/movies. It was a big increase from the year before, but I was still annoyed not to reach 300 for the year.

Anyhow, this year I decided that if I was going to beat my previous year’s total, I was going to blow it out of the water. I had missed several years of watching anime, so had plenty of shows to catch up on. To keep a long story short, this year I have watched over 1,000 anime episodes/movies.

I think I’ve reviewed most of the completed series, but there are a couple that I will get to once I have a chance. I’ve also only included the completed series in the list below. There are several that I’m still working through and some that I dropped after a couple of episodes. So, here’s the breakdown:

On top of those, you can see what I’m currently watching here – Fall 2018 Second Chances. That’s another eleven series and I’ve seen eight episodes of each. Interestingly, only twenty of the episodes/movies that I watched this year I had seen before.

What on Earth am I going to set as my goals for 2019?


  1. Time well spent!
    What were your thoughts on Clockwork Planet btw? I was looking at that one a while back but never ended up watching it.

    Maybe you could set a goal like X # of reviews… or something like that for 2019?

    • Absolutely. I’d do it all again next year.

      Clockwork Planet was a nice idea, but the execution was terrible. It had a couple of funny moments, but it never really got going. Couldn’t wait for it to end.

      Yeah, definitely increasing the post counts. Doing my in progress updates ever four episodes is a nice compromise from doing episode reviews. I do have a big summer challenge planned, but I’m keeping that quiet until closer to the date…

    • Couldn’t wait for it to end huh, well I’m glad I asked then. Sounds like time better spent watching something else!

      Awesome, looking forward to it!

    • I’m surprised I made it to the end really. And then not to have made a review post seems like a complete waste. I’ll have to get on that.

      I’m thinking similar to Highschool of the Dead but bigger!

    • Speaking of, I’ll be starting my rewatch of HOTD tonight!

    • Awesome! Ending the year right.

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