Achievement Unlocked Award

Achievement Unlocked Award

So, I’ve been nominated for a geeky blogging award… does that mean I’m a geek? [Looks around as everyone else averts their gaze.] I’m kidding! Of course, I’m a geek.

What’s going on?

I love getting nominated for stuff. It’s like a massive pat on the back or friendly head rub if you’re talking about anime, which I more often than not am. So, thank you, Megan, from A Geeky Gal for the nomination, especially as you only nominated three other bloggers. I’m honoured that you wasted one of your wishes on me…

If you’re not already following Megan, as unbelievable as that may be, you really should. She’s a 3D modeller by day and geek by night, covering everything from anime and gaming to poetry and even her wedding. Seriously, there’s something for everyone, but wait until you’ve finished reading this post. Megan has set some interesting questions for me to answer.

The Achievement Unlocked Award is for anyone who would fit into geeky blogging that goes above and beyond in our niche. Whether you are all about video games, DIY across all fandoms, sharing your cosplay journey, or anywhere in between, it all fits and is worth celebrating. — Michelle @ A Geek Girl’s Guide

What are the Rules?

The rules are simple: if you are nominated, you’ll answer the five below standard questions for every award and the five custom questions by the nominator. You’ll then change their custom five to five of your own questions and nominate other bloggers you think deserve this award. Make sure to thank whoever nominated you and include the award description as well!

The Standard Questions

Why did you start your blog?

So, this is actually my fourth blog. I started my first blog back in 2011 as a way to track a challenge I was doing. For some unknown reason, I had decided to attempt to watch 365 films in a year. For accountability, I recorded the films and reviewed them on a blog for all the world to see… all sixteen of them… It was early days and I had little to no idea of what I was doing. It was around that time that I decided I wanted to be a writer so it seemed like a good way to put myself out there and practice writing to a schedule.

Since then, I’ve had another blog where I released Excel-based games that I had built. I’m also a geek when it comes to computers too. Then, I tried to get my author career going and post updates on my writing. It wasn’t long after that when I realised I needed to talk about anime too. It’s always best to talk about something your passionate about and for me, that’s stories and anime.

What are your favourite topics to write about?

Haha! I have a nasty habit of rambling and answering the next question before it’s been asked. It’s a handy gift to have in interviews as it often leaves the interviewer stumped. Anyhow… I love to talk about stories, whether that is anime, manga, books, films, games, or whatever. I have focused my blog on anime because I believe that the stories I write fit nicely into that style. I’ve had comments before that reading my work is like watching an anime.

What have you learned since you started your blog?

It took a while, but networking is the single most important thing you can do for your blog. You can publish the most amazing posts ever written, but if no one knows they’re there it was all for nothing. I went eight months posting and waiting for readers to stumble across my blog. I was sharing on Facebook and Twitter, hell, even GooglePlus, but it wasn’t until I started searching out other blogs and interacting that I started to see comments and likes. On top of that, my page views just keep climbing and I’m now getting far more search traffic.

What do you love about being a geeky blog?

I find there’s so much negativity in the world right now, so it’s great to be able to talk about the stuff that I enjoy with others who feel the same way. Admittedly, the negativity has probably always been there, it just has a worldwide platform now, but with blogging, I have more control over what goes on there. I love responding to comments and getting into discussions about anime.

Where would you like to see your blog go in the future?

I see this blog as a keeper. It’s already done far better than any of my previous attempts. That said, I do need to find a little more balance between my other writing. I definitely want to start releasing some of my old short stories onto the blog and even some new ones.

The Custom Questions

What are you currently binge-watching?

Right now, I am watching Is it Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon and loving it. It’s going to be the letter I in my A to Z Anime challenge that I’m doing this year. I have read the first nine volumes of the manga, so I knew what I was getting into and I’m glad that it’s living up to what I was expecting. Other than that, and I’m not sure it really counts as bingeing, but I have been watching One Piece for over a year now. With almost nine-hundred episodes, I decided to watch one episode a day until I’d caught up. Well, I’m past the halfway point!

What was the last game you played that had an emotional impact on you?

I haven’t been gaming in a while now. When I moved from New Zealand to Canada, I sold all my console and games because of the different power formats and region crap. That was four years ago… As soon as the kids are old enough, I’m looking forward to getting back into it with them. I loved the reboot of Tomb Raider and fought that it had such a well done and involved storyline. However, for real emotional impact, I think I’d have to say The Last of Us. The game was intense.

Have you ever been to a convention?

I have been to a couple but never really got into it. The first was a small comic book convention in Bristol, England. My friend’s brother is an artist for 2000AD and was going to be there, so we went to meet him. Sadly we missed him but got to talk to some of the other guys there. I picked up a poster signed by Michael Turner, which I still haven’t got framed yet. After that, I went to the Armageddon Expo in Auckland, New Zealand. Ottawa Comic Con is in two weeks, so I may go to that with my eldest son. Maybe!

What three apps do you use the most?

Sadly, it’s not that exciting, but it’s probably WordPress, Messenger, and Discord. If I’m not blogging or checking out other posts, I’m probably on one of the chats platforms talking with other authors or blogging friends. After that, it’s probably Pinterest. If I’m bored, I’ll jump on there and look at all the cool artwork.

When did you first realize you were a geek?

It was probably when I started building games in Excel. I’ve made a version of Count Down and other popular TV game shows, however, the geekiest one was a game where you could move your character around a maze using the arrow keys while four monsters tried to hunt you down. Yep, all built entirely in Excel… I was obviously a geek long before that, but that was when I finally made the connection.

All Might You're Next

I shall nominate:

And here are your Questions:

Standard Questions

  • Why did you start your blog?
  • What are your favourite topics to write about?
  • What have you learned since you started your blog?
  • What do you love about being a geeky blog?
  • Where would you like to see your blog go in the future?

My Questions

  • What’s the geekiest thing you’ve ever done?
  • If you could go back in time, what would you have done differently with your blog?
  • If money wasn’t an option, what is the one thing you’d buy yourself?
  • What’s your favourite blog post that you wrote?
  • What’s your favourite blog post written by someone else?

And that is that. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Thanks for the tag!
    I didn’t know that excel games were a thing until now, but I’m not surprised, because using advanced formulas and whatnot is fun in itself I think. The satisfaction is great, at least.

    • I’ll have to dig one out and see if is still compatible with the newer versions.

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