A Wind Named Amnesia

It happened in an instant. A wind swept across the globe wiping the memory of every person. All that remained was the most basic instincts. Planes fell out of the sky. At that moment, humanity had been lost, possibly forever.

Wataru, a survivor who has recovered some semblance of humanity travels across the United States of America searching for others like him, hoping to find a way to undo the effects of the wind.

He meets a girl, who like him can talk, but Sophia is not human. She tells him about the origins of the wind. Now, Wataru must convince Lisa to undo the devastation by showing her that not all humanity is evil.

I love A Wind Named Amnesia. It’s one of the first anime movies that I watched, which makes it quite old, but even today the story is fascinating. Playing out like a collection of stories woven through the narrative of saving humanity, Wataru and Sophia visit wonderfully different places and see many of the faces of the apocalypse.

It has a much slower and more considered pace that a lot of other anime, but that just adds to the cerebral approach as the story raises questions about technology and humanity. There is some action as a Police Mech chases them across the country.

All in this a thoroughly entertaining story and for me is one of the greats. It definitely had a lot to do with me becoming such an anime enthusiast. If you get a chance to watch A Wind Named Amnesia, you should jump at it. It is a classic.

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