What anime series will you never watch? (30 Day Anime Challenge) – Day 9

30 Day Anime Challenge

What anime series will you never watch?

I don’t think there is anything that I would say I would never watch. Previously, I never thought I would get round to watching One Piece. I was certain that ship had sailed, but now that I am over three hundred episodes in, anything seems possible. There are very few series that I’ve dropped, but the one that springs to mind is Berserk.

Berserk 2016 Banner

Why is that?

Let me clarify that statement. I absolutely loved The Golden Age Arc movies. They are some of my favourite anime, so imagine my horror when I tried to watch the 2016 series with its utterly abhorrent animation style.

I managed two episodes before I had to give up. The worst part is that it wasn’t a hard decision despite me loving the movies so much. Everything about the series felt wrong. Guts was unrecognisable from the movies. Did I say that I loved the movies?

Now, there is still a chance that I will pick it up, but only once I’ve seen everything else… There are so many great series that I have yet to see, and new seasonal ones coming out. It’s hard to justify sticking with something that felt so wrong.

Was it really that bad?

Yes, yes it was. Compare these two gifs. Here is the 2016 animation style.

Berserk 2016 Animation

And here is the Golden Age Arc style.

Berserk Golden Age Arc Animation

See what I mean? I also couldn’t connect to Guts and couldn’t bring myself to care about the situation. I’ve sat through some terrible storytelling because the animation was clean and enjoyable. It doesn’t seem to work the other way. Not for me anyhow.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Did I mention that I loved the movies? Seriously, if you enjoy fantasy horror with an engaging story then you’ll love the movies too. Just prepare yourself for the third movie. Things get pretty dark.

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