Do you prefer Subs or Dubs? (30 Day Anime Challenge) – Day 3

Do you prefer Subs or Dubs?

I’m not really into submissives… hang on, that’s not what you’re talking about, is it! When I first started watching anime very few shows were dubbed. I’ve also watched a lot of foreign films so I am comfortable with subtitles.

30 Day Anime Challenge Subtitles

Are you saying you prefer subtitles?

No. Not at all. I know there are certain elements of the anime community that look down on those that watched dubbed anime and only use the Japanese name for the shows. Personally, I don’t really care what anyone else does.

I do what I want. Sometimes I’ll watch subtitles and sometimes dubbed. When Attack on Titan was released, I was only able to get the DVD with subtitles so that’s what I did. Lately, I watch most of my anime on Funimation or Netflix and usually late at night so I tend to go with dubbed as this makes it easier to enjoy the animation.

So, my answer is that I have no preference. I take each situation on as they come. Not being bound to one or the other gives me more freedom and that’s what watching anime is all about. Why put restrictions on your entertainment?

30 Day Anime Challenge Subtitles Angels of Death

Have you ever switched between the two?

Yes, I ended up watching the dubbed version of Attack on Titan, season two. It was a weird experience. I remember the Japanese voices from season one, but somehow my brain has put the English words into those voices. Don’t ask me how or why. There are a few movies where I’ve watched the dubbed and subtitled version and I end up wasting most of my time saying ‘they didn’t say that in the other version’.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Only one thing. Let’s stop worrying about how other people are enjoying their anime. The important thing is that they are watching it and if having it dubbed makes it easier then so be it. The more people that watch anime, the more shows they’re going to make and I want more shows!

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  1. I prefer sub only because I feel more emotion. When I started watching anime I would always watch it dub because I understood it that way then I watched one sub and realize the characters were more alive! ( but thats my personal opinion)

    • Lynn Sheridan

      That’s cool. I think the dubs are a lot better than they used to be. The actors seem to be more familiar with the Japanese style and emotions.

    • I agree even before like Samurai Champloo for example I watched it dubbed and they did a great job with the actors they used. Theres good dub out there for sure there are times that some sound horrible and I just can’t watch it, but like you said it shouldn’t matter how we watch anime.

  2. I like both, but it when it comes to Ecchi/Harem shows, I almost ALWAYS go dub, as it helps the jokes land better and the delivery of the emotions is always easier to understand in the native tongue.

    I think dubs get a bad rap, Funimation is getting better every year and we’ve long put the 4kids days behind us.

    • Lynn Sheridan

      Agreed. I think they’ve got a really good group of actors who get anime. I also think Japan is far more involved in the dubs than they used to be.

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