What anime has the best fight scene? (30 Day Anime Challenge) – Day 28

30 Day Anime Challenge

What anime has the best fight scene?

There’s nothing quite like a good fight scene. I remember when DVDs first came out and rather than having to fast-forward a VHS to a certain point, I could just select the fight scene from the menu and then watch again. I’m not how many times I’ve watched the fights from Blade and the Matrix, but it’s a lot. With regards to anime, there is one fight that really stands out for me. That is from Street Fighter II and it’s the fight between Chun Li and Vega.

Chun Li Versus Vega

Why is that?

A good fight scene is almost like a dance. Both parties move to the rhythm of the action. There are rises and falls in the tempo. Everything needs to come together for a truly spectacular fight. This is something that I think happens in the Chun Li and Vega fight.

In true anime fashion, it starts with Chun Li in the shower. We get a glimpse of her apartment. There’s someone there, but we don’t see more than a shadow. The music is calm and soothing, but there’s still a sense of doom. Chun Li finishes in the shower and does her hair.

There’s a flicker of a reflection. The music explodes into life as Chun Li moves at the last second avoiding Vega’s claw attack. She does her best to get away but he’s fast. They bounce around the room, fighting in the rafters, on the ground. Chun Li throws a couch at Vega. All the while Guile is trying to race to her aid.

It looks like Vega is going to win. Chun Li is struggling, but then when he gets cocky, she manages to catch him off guard and turns the battle in her favour. It ends with Chun Li kicking him throw a wall and falling into Guile’s arms as he finally manages to get there. She won, but it was far from easy.

Street Fighter II Chun Li Vs Vega

Anything else you’d like to say?

The overall story in the Street Fighter II movie is terrible. It really is a stinker, but the fights and animation are excellent. If you’re interested in good fights, it’s worth checking out for that alone. Just get ready for the moment you see Chun Li in the shower because the best part has already begun. What a fight?

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