What video game would make a great anime? (30 Day Anime Challenge) – Day 20

30 Day Anime Challenge

What video game would make a great anime?

So, this is another of my favourite video games and one of the greatest series of games ever. As far as stories go, there is so much potential and so many ideas to be explored. It already has one of the most iconic video games characters and who would be ideal for an anime makeover. I think Tomb Raider would make a great anime.

Tomb Raider

Why is that?

I think I kind of glossed over the finer points in the opening paragraph, but I’ll try to expand on that. Lara Croft would be an amazing anime protagonist. She’s smart and daring. Not to mention the body! She’s had a few variations as the games have evolved, but I think the style in the latest reboot is by far the best.

There are so many great stories from history that could be expanded on and embellished that you would never run out of material. All she really needs is a team to back her up and then the adventures can begin. Seriously, why hasn’t this happened already?

I’d want it to be fairly dark too. There needs to be the threat of ancient monsters and evil guardians. People need to die, blood needs to be spilt, and Lara needs to kick arse. Throw in the obligatory shower scene or bathhouse scene and it has it all.

Tomb Raider Leopard

Anything else you’d like to say?

As always, I am available to work on scripts for the Tomb Raider anime series. So, if you know anyone that knows someone in the know, let them know about me. I can see it now. The steam clears. Lara lies back in the hot springs and belittles some poor chap with her sophisticated British accent.

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