What is the weirdest anime you enjoyed? (30 Day Anime Challenge) – Day 18

30 Day Anime Challenge

What is the weirdest anime you enjoyed?

How to define weird in anime? Hmm!!! That is a tough one. I have a couple of more unusual anime that I recently watched and really enjoyed. Both could be considered weird for different reasons. They are Island and Chio’s School Road.

Island Banner

Why is that?

Firstly, with Island, I had absolutely no idea what the anime was about. That’s not entirely unusual as I often like to surprise myself. It is unusual, however, to still have no idea what it’s about six episodes in. Even then, I still loved it and found it utterly compelling. It was completely worth it because the ending was incredible. Loved it.

Now to Chio’s School Road. I didn’t have much to go with this anime either other than it was Chio making her way to school. Interestingly, that is pretty much all it is, however, Chio has some crazy adventures and bizarre meetings as she does so. This is hilarious. Each episode contained two or three mini-episodes which really kept the pace going. It was hilarious.

Chio's School Road Banner

Anything else you’d like to say?

Absolutely. Why limit yourself to the same type of anime. Mix it up. Every now and then, pick something at random. You’ll be surprised at what you may enjoy. I once watched 365 films in a year and picked loads at random.

There were so many that I hadn’t expected to enjoy that I now rank as some of my favourites, which is why I’ve decided to do an A to Z challenge in 2019. I will watch an anime that I haven’t seen before starting with every letter in the alphabet. My aim will be one a fortnight, but we’ll see how we go.

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