What is the last anime you watched? (30 Day Anime Challenge) – Day 16

30 Day Anime Challenge

What is the last anime you watched?

At the moment, I’m currently working my way through the new season of anime. I think I have about twelve different shows on the go… but the most recent anime I’ve completed was Dominion Tank Police.

Dominion Tank Police Banner

Why did you watch that?

I watched it as a part of the Otaku on Writing podcast where we watch, review, and analyse classic anime to inspire original fiction. We take it in turns to nominate an anime and this one was my choice. I had a lot of fond memories of Dominion Tank Police because it was one of the first anime I saw.

It’s certainly pretty out there, but I didn’t remember just how out there it was. There were certain images that stuck with me, for example, the Cat sisters teasing the SWAT team so they could make their escape, and I vaguely remembered the land mines…

Sadly, like a couple of other anime we’ve rewatched, Dominion Tank Police didn’t really stack up against my memories. The first half was particularly odd and had little to no story. It was just a series of gags. The second half was actually much better and as a stand-alone, it would have been very good.

Dominion Tank Police The Puma Twins

Anything else you’d like to say?

Be careful rewatching old anime that you used to love, sometimes it’s better to settle for the nostalgia. Also, if you like classic anime and are interested in writing, you should definitely check out our podcast – Otaku on Writing. You can also subscribe to it using Apple Podcast.

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