Who is your favourite female anime character? (30 Day Anime Challenge) – Day 11

30 Day Anime Challenge

Who is your favourite female anime character?

If you’ve been following my posts in this challenge so far, I think this should be pretty simple to guess. I like strong female characters, both mentally and physically. The damsel in distress has her place, but it’s not as my favourite female anime character. No. That honour is reserved for a strong woman with a sword… Saeko Busijima.

Saeko Artwork

Why is that? (Like we don’t already know!)

Saeko is my favourite character in Highschool of the Dead, my favourite anime and one of my guilty pleasure anime, which I also credit with my anime reawakening. So, she’s off to a great start just from that standpoint.

On top of that, she is calm and collected. Her studies of Bushido have no doubt helped with this, and when the zombie outbreak happens you want her by your side. She is fearless and dependable, always looking out for her friends and prepared to throw herself into any situation.

Like anyone else, she has her demons. When fighting off an attacker on the way home from school one day, she realised that she enjoyed the fight and worries about her darker side taking hold. These feelings have left her feeling unworthy of friendship and even love. Something that is clearly not true.

Saeko Busijima

Is there anything else?

Absolutely! She is also smoking hot. Sorry, not sorry. And another thing, and this something that often bothers me, whether she’s wearing combat gear or just an apron, it won’t stop her from rushing into action. If someone needed my help and I was in the shower, I would absolutely race out to help without a care in the world and so would Saeko.

Saeko Apron

Anything else you’d like to say?

I think I’ve probably said enough already…

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  1. Oh man! She was my second favorite in this show. I loved her outfits but my waifu of this era of my life was Saya Tagaki. There was something about those glasses and her personality… those glasses! Thanks for sharing. This was a good read.

    • No worries. I loved all the characters in HotD, but Saeko is my girl. Doing this challenge has got me ready to rewatch them all again.

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