Freezing Vibration (Season Two)

The government is developing an artificial Pandora program for the girls that aren’t compatible with the Stigmata. What could possibly go wrong?

What did you watch and why? This is the second season of Freezing and as I selected it for my A to Z Anime Challenge I dived straight in, even despite my mixed feelings from season one. I’m looking forward to seeing if any of my concerns have been addressed, however, obviously this was made before my review so how would they know?

What’s it about? A select group of students are sent to a top secret research facility in Alaska. There the government has been attempting to develop artificial Pandora enabling them to turn half the world population into weapons to fight the Nova. To begin with a series of battles take place to assess the strength of the artificial Pandora and they are easily defeated by the real Pandora.

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Freezing (Season One)

With extra-dimensional beings hell bent on the destruction of humanity, only the enhanced warriors known as Pandoras can stop them.

What did you watch and why? I first took notice of Freezing shortly after discovering Highschool of the Dead but was unable to get hold of a copy so I moved on. Now that I am working through my A to Z Anime Challenge and have it readily available, I had no excuse. It’s also worth noting at this point that Freezing is not a prequel to Disney’s Frozen. I don’t recommend that anyone make that mistake.

What’s it about? The world is under attack by extra-dimensional beings known as the Nova. They appear without warning and cause massive damage and loss of life. Humanity’s only hope is the Pandoras, girls augmented with special genetic tissue called Stigmata that enables them to fight with superhuman power and speed. They are accompanied by Limiters, boys with the ability to freeze their opponents and nullify the Nova’s freezing attack.

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The Promised Neverland (Episode 11)

Emma and Ray have their backs up against the wall and are ready to play their final card, but will it be enough for them to be able to escape?

What did you watch? After last weeks steady decent into depression and despair, this was an absolutely frantic episode. I felt like there was at least another ten minutes to go when we got to the ending song.

As before, I am going to assume that you’ve seen all the episodes prior to this one as there will be spoilers from this point on. If you haven’t seen it and don’t want to spoil it, go and watch it right now. I’ll wait. Seriously, there’s one week left and it has been an intense ride. If you were to binge it, you’ll probably go through the whole thing in one sitting.

What happened? At the end of last week, Emma and Ray met in the dining room on the eve of Ray’s birthday and adoption date. Emma revealed that she hadn’t given up. Well, it turns out neither had Ray, but following Norman’s adoption, Mom had increased her scrutiny of the pair.

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In Defence of Isabella – The Promised Neverland

Every villain is the hero of their own story. A hero will do what must be done, regardless of how it makes them look, even if to some they will appear to be the villain!

What’s this post about? So, I’ve been watching The Promised Neverland for ten weeks now and spent a lot of time thinking about it. It’s probably not been helped by the fact that I am writing episode reviews and spend a lot of time reading other’s reviews. As a result, I have come up with some fairly radical theories and I thought I would get them down before the finale.

As you may have gathered from the title, my theory revolves around Isabella, the Mother at Grace Field Orphanage in The Promised Neverland. I think I’ve gone on record several times saying that she has been an outstanding villain, but what if I was wrong?

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The Promised Neverland (Episode 10)

It’s Norman’s adoption day and he appears to have accepted his fate, but will Emma and Ray let him?

What did you watch? I’m still on vacation, but have managed to keep one thing going and that is The Promised Neverland. I just can’t let myself fall fowl of the numerous spoilers out there.

So, as a warning to you. If you too wish to avoid spoiling episode 10 of The Promised Neverland run away now and come back once you’ve seen it. Then you can let me know what you thought. Right let’s get down to business.

What happened? Norman informs Emma and Ray of his discoveries on top of the wall. He’s found a bridge over the cliff, but it’s the other side of HQ and who knows what lurks there?

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