Boogiepop and Others (Episodes 1-4)

A mysterious spirit possesses the body of a high school student to fight evil.

What’s it about? A number of girls from Takeda’s high school have mysteriously gone missing. The authorities believe that they have all run away as there is no evidence of anything else, but when Takeda meets a strange caped figure with his girlfriend’s face, he starts to suspect something else is going on.

The caped figure claims to be a spirit known as Boogiepop that has inherited Touka’s body so that she can defeat a terrible evil that has appeared at the school. When the disappearances suddenly stop, Boogiepop tells Takeda that it is over and that he will not see her again.

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Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka (Episodes 1-4)

Three years after the Magical Girls defeated the Disas, the world returned to normal, but Asuka, one of the magical girls, is struggling to settle back into society.

What’s it about?

A race of magical creatures attacked Earth and looked set to destroy everything, until spirits from another world formed an alliance with Earth and created the Magical Girls – nine high school girls that were gifted incredible magical powers.

Having defeated the Disas, the Magical Girls that survived returned to their home nations and tried to resume their normal lives, but war leaves more than just physical scars. Asuka lost her parents to the Disas and now lives alone. She has abandoned her role as a Magical Girl so as to avoid putting her friends in danger.

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Radiant (Episodes 13-16)

It’s the rumble in Rumble Town! Huh! That’s a little on the nose, don’t you think? At least they haven’t been back to Artemis yet.

What’s happened since last time? It was all going down in Rumble Town. The Captain of the Inquisition, Konrad de Marbourg has been riling the locals and pushing anti-immigrant propaganda. He gets them so worked up that they attack an district populated by immigrants, including the friends Seth and Melie made previously.

Things go from bad to worse when Konrad decides to seal the gates to the district and plans to destroy the entire area, rioting locals and all. What’s a little collateral damage in the grand scheme of things. Seth and Melie attempt to fight back. Doc is captured when he finds a nest of Nemesis in the centre of town.

Just when things look like their going well for Seth and Melie, a rogue sorcerer appears and commands an army of Nemesis to attack. It would appear she had been hired by Konrad, unaware of her past, but her attack is indiscriminate. Grim returns and helps Seth to fight back against her.

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One Piece (Season Twelve)

Separated from his crew, Luffy wakes on a strange island inhabited only by women. How will they react when they realize what and who he is?

What did you watch and why? This was just a relatively short season by One Piece standards at only fourteen episodes. It was also unusual in that it only really featured Luffy. There were a couple of episodes at the end of the season that showed where the others were, but otherwise it was all Luffy.

What’s it about? At the end of last season, Kuma made the Straw-hat pirates disappear, one by one, despite Luffy’s attempts to save them. Watching Luffy breakdown before Kuma was heartbreaking, but luckily there had been enough clues to know that not all was lost (that and another four-hundred episodes.)

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Sunday Sevens: One Piece Fights

There have been a lot of amazing fights in One Piece so far. I’ve just finished season twelve, four-hundred and twenty-one episodes, and these are my favourite fights.

What is this about? Like I said, I’ve watched a lot of episodes of One Piece and now seems like a good time to look back at some of my favourite fights. This isn’t to be confused with my favourite moments, I’ll do that in another post.

As with most shounen anime, there is a lot of fighting and having watched over four-hundred episodes that really means a lot. I’ve taken a quick glance through my reviews and put together my seven favourite fights.

There’s no order here, they’re all great fights. All right, let’s get it on!

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