Otaku on Writing Podcast (Episode 14)

Last week Killian selected Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. I have fond memories of this movie and the game is one of my all time favourites. Please let this stand the test of time!

One line pitch! It was all about street fights, wasn’t it?

Any other news? Well, we’ve done it again. The fourth collection has just been released – Trope: Otaku Stories Four. Inside you’ll find my story – Samurai School for Girls

And now for our regularly scheduled entertainment…

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

All Might has been invited to the floating research island I. It’s the summer break at school and he has asked Midoriya to accompany him. Once they’ve cleared the state of the art security they are greeted by Melissa Shield, the daughter of All Might’s old partner.

Noticing that All Might is struggling to keep his hero form, David Shield convinces Melissa to give Midoriya a preview of the I-expo, a fair for all things hero related. Midoriya quickly learns that he’s not the only member of Class 1A to have come to the island.

During a fancy reception to officially open the I-Expo a team of villains take over the island, capturing all the pro-heroes. Midoriya and his friends will have to overcome incredible odds if they are to save the day. Continue reading “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes”

My Hero Academia – Season Two

In a show of strength, the U.A. Sports Festival goes ahead as planned despite the recent villain attack. It consists of three rounds – an obstacle course, a cavalry charge, and a head-to-head tournament. Midoriya, still unable to control the powers All Might gave him, uses all of his cunning and smarts to win the obstacle course.

But this just puts a target on his back in the cavalry charge and his team only just scrape through at the last moment. The head-to-head tournament puts each of the heroes-in-training in one on one bouts where only the winner advances. It’s no real surprise who wins, but I’m not saying anything.

Following the U.A. Sports Festival, all of the heroes are assigned internships with professional heroes. To All Might’s horror, Midoriya is assigned to his former teacher, Gran Torino. Meanwhile, a villain emerges who sees the current hero statuses as anything but heroic is on a one-man crusade to change things Continue reading “My Hero Academia – Season Two”

My Hero Academia – Season One

In a world where eighty percent of the populace has developed a quirk, Izuku Midoriya dreams of one day becoming a superhero even though he is quirkless. On the way home from school he is attacked by a villain who seeks to use Midoriya’s body to escape from the heroes.

Number one hero, All Might shows up in the nick of time and rescues Midoriya. Desperate for some advice, Midoriya tags along and discovers All Might’s true identity. He advises Midoriya to give up on his dreams and that he should focus on doing something he would be more suited to.

Deflated, Midoriya heads home only to find Bakago, the school bully being attacked by the same villain. With no heroes able to stop it and All Might struggling to maintain his hero form, Midoriya rushes in, inspiring All Might, who may just yet have another secret to reveal. Continue reading “My Hero Academia – Season One”

Project A-ko

Sixteen years after a mysterious object burst through the Earth’s atmosphere and destroyed Graviton City things are starting to return to normal… A-ko is a sixteen-year-old girl who is already late for her first day at Graviton High School. Thanks to her superhuman speed and strength, she manages to get herself and best friend C-ko to school before the buzzer.

There they encounter B-ko, a rich and snobby girl who takes an interest in C-ko and is willing to do whatever it takes to get A-ko out of the picture, including utilizing her ability to build weaponised mecha.

As if that wasn’t enough, they are being watched by the mysterious Operative D who believes he’s found the missing princess… A giant spaceship enters the Earth’s atmosphere making short work of the defence forces, but A-ko and B-ko are in the middle of a fight and they’re not going to let that stop them. Continue reading “Project A-ko”