Alura’s Gambit by J.P. Douglas

See it wasn’t that long. Two weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of things. So, if you have read From Above or Apotheosis please don’t forget to leave a review. I know MK Clark and E.D. Cask would be very appreciative and probably do some sort of dance to celebrate.

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Sorry, I know. You’ve been waiting two weeks. I’ll get on with it. Here is the third story from the Alteruvium Expanse. Enjoy. Continue reading “Alura’s Gambit by J.P. Douglas”

Fate/Apocrypha – Season One

During the third Holy Grail War, the Holy Grail was stolen and taken to Romania. The Yggdmillennia group claim to have the Holy Grail and intend to create a rival mages association. To do this they have summoned seven servants to fight in the Great Holy Grail War.

The mages association must find seven masters and servants of its own to battle Yggdmillenia. As before the last mage standing will win the Holy Grail and have a wish granted. Only this time there are another thirteen mages and servants to beat first.

A fifteenth servant appears claiming to be Jeanne d’Arc and heads towards Romania to oversee the Great Holy Grail War. All of the pieces are moving to place for what promises to be an epic battle. Continue reading “Fate/Apocrypha – Season One”

Overlord – Season One

The countdown to the end has begun. When it reaches zero the MMORPG known as YGGDRASIL will be switched off for good. Momonga sits in his Guild’s meeting room waiting for the end. In the twelve years that the game was around, they built the strongest and most successful guild, but soon it would be over.

Momonga closed his eyes and waited for the forced logout, but it doesn’t happen. He is still in the game. Then he notices something odd. The AI servants from within the game have all come to life and can communicate directly with him.

Somehow, the Guild base has been transported to a new world. Momonga takes the guild’s name as his own in order to locate any other players that may have been brought here too. He hopes to spread the name, but his servants believe this means he seeks to conquer the world, and they’re very much on board with that. Continue reading “Overlord – Season One”

Apotheosis by E.D. Cask

They’re like buses. You wait four whole days for one and two show up. To be fair I did say that we were releasing two on the first day, so this is all now just a bit of showmanship.

Remember after this one, you will have to wait two weeks for your next foray into the Alteruvium Expanse. I know, it’ll be tough, but you can do it. This is what we prepared for… No, wait, we haven’t done any preparation for a situation like this, you’re going to have to wing it. Anyhow, here is the second story from the Alteruvium Expanse. Continue reading “Apotheosis by E.D. Cask”

From Above by MK Clark

Well, it’s that time we’ve all been waiting for… Sure, I only told you exactly when it was going to happen four days ago, but I’m sure it’s been a long four days.

So, this is the first story in the Alteruvium Expanse, a collection of science fiction and fantasy shorts. If you enjoy the Twilight Zone or the Outer Limits then you’re going to love these. Each story is by a different author, each putting their own style and energy into the expanse. Continue reading “From Above by MK Clark”