Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid – Season One

When Mamori was diagnosed with a rare virus, government agents captured her and took her to Mermaid Island, a remote quarantine facility. She has the A virus, a mysterious virus that only infects females.

There are two strains, Extars and Liberators. Extars transforms into powerful weapons when sexually aroused although only Liberators are able to wield the Extar weapons.

Soon after arriving on the island, Mamori meets Mirei, a tall, powerful but silent girl. Together they form an unstoppable team and threaten to unravel the secrets of Mermaid Island and the A Virus. Continue reading “Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid – Season One”

Author Journey October 2017

Things are exploding left, right and centre. I’m still working on the edits of Valiant Lineage. It’s going to take some time, but I am making progress. So far, I have gone through the first two and added about thirty percent, which is close enough to what I was expecting.

I have completed my short story for the series I am writing with another group of authors. Best to think of it like the Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits. That’s the story about the starfish… Seriously though, I think it works.

Do you remember last month when I said about working with two other authors on a post-apocalyptic trilogy? Well, that is happening and I have already started work on my part for book one. Continue reading “Author Journey October 2017”