Bite-size Horror

I managed to add another project to my ever growing list. Luckily for me, this one was a very short one. I got together with another twelve authors to produce thirteen bite-sized stories of no more than a couple of sentences.

These would be released across thirteen days in October, ending on Halloween. There was a discussion around who would release on what day. I was fairly flexible so let the others pick first.

Somehow I ended up with the prized spot of Halloween day. Not sure if the others were scared or would be too busy eating chocolate on that day. Either way, I got Halloween, which is cool. Continue reading “Bite-size Horror”

Heavy Metal

An evil green orb has made its way to Earth and is about to destroy the one remaining person in the universe that can stop it, but before it does so, it’s going to show her what it’s capable of.

A New York taxi driver goes against his own rules and helps a girl escape from a bunch of criminals. She convinces him to help her sell a mysterious artefact to the criminals and split the money. He reluctantly agrees.

A young boy is transported to distant and dangerous land. He is transformed into a musclebound mountain of a man. Caught in between two factions seeking to complete an ancient ritual, he must decide if he really wants to go home. Continue reading “Heavy Metal”

Flash Fiction – Wilderness

So, Beyond was very well received and I was really happy with it. For whatever reason, kids playing in a way that negatively affects adults seems to work really well for me. Maybe I need to come up with a full story to that effect.

It’s crazy how quickly new ideas come to you once you’ve opened the door. I have a list of stories to write that is growing faster than I can produce. It’s like my ‘To Watch’ list on Netflix…

That said, I’m going to do one more flash fiction before getting back to my main projects. For this one, I’ve decided to go with a more mysterious vibe. Hopefully, that comes across, but I really struggled to fit this into the word limit.

Well, here it is. Hope you like it. Continue reading “Flash Fiction – Wilderness”

Flash Fiction – Beyond

My last flash fiction story, Treatment, was a little bit darker and more serious than my previous winning entry. With my next entry, I’m going to try and inject a little bit of humour, similar to the Drawings in the Sand.

If you haven’t tried writing flash fiction, you really should. It’s a lot of fun and doesn’t take that much time. Sure, it could take a little while for you to get into your stride, but once you’re going they will fly out of you.

It’s a great creative outlet and a fun way to experiment with writing. With only two-hundred and fifty words it’s easier to spot the errors and fix them. There’s nowhere for them to hide.

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but if you do decide to enter one, let me know. Always happy to offer some support where I can. That’s another great thing about flash fiction. You can read them in a couple of minutes. There’s always time for them.

So without further ado… Continue reading “Flash Fiction – Beyond”

Author Journey September 2017

It’s fair to say that I am a bit of a glutton for punishment. Who else would decide to write a fifty-two volume series as their first published works? Who in their right mind would write the first twenty-six volumes back to back? I structured those as questions but we all know they are rhetorical. It’s this guy.

So, on top of that, I’ve agreed to write a short story to go into a series. We don’t have a name for the series yet, but currently, there are twelve other authors committed to writing a story. There are a couple of brief caveats; there needs to be a reference to a binary star system and an evil entity known as Croneshaw.

The stories can be anywhere from five to ten thousand words and fit into the science fiction/fantasy genre. Where to begin? That’s my favourite part. My first thoughts when the twin suns came up was Tatooine in Star Wars or the planet in Pitch Black that had three suns. So, I was thinking desert world. Continue reading “Author Journey September 2017”