The Devil Is a Part-Timer! – Season One

With his attempts to conquer Enta Isla, the Dark Lord Satan retreats through a dimensional portal with his demon general, Alciel. The hero, Emilia gives chase but cannot keep up with him. They escape through the portal and arrive in modern Tokyo.

Devoid of magical energy they assume human form and look to settle into their new surroundings. Satan, now going by the name Sadao Maō, takes a job at a local fast food chain MgRonalds while Alciel, not cut out for work, becomes the housekeeper.

One rainy evening while riding to work, Sadao Maō gives his umbrella to a girl before heading off. Later he sees the same girl. She has destroyed the umbrella and is ready to fight. It turns out the hero, Emilia made it through the portal after all. Continue reading “The Devil Is a Part-Timer! – Season One”

Castlevania – Season One


A lone woman wanders through the wastelands, skeletons dangling from spikes as far as she can see, but she presses on. Upon reaching her destination, she is told to leave. Dracula has no need for humans. She refuses and shows him how not all humans are the same.

Sometime later, she has been rounded up by the church for being a witch. She tries to tell them it’s science, but her pleas fall on deaf ears. Even as they burn her, she begs Dracula not to retaliate.

He arrives as she perishes and curses the city. They have one year to leave or face the consequences. Meanwhile, rich drunk kid, Trevor Belmont, has disgraced his family name and is just looking for another drink when he gets pulled into the fray. Continue reading “Castlevania – Season One”

Knights of Sidonia – Season Two

Sidonia is under attack once more, but they have new, more powerful Garde’s. The Gauna, however, is a big one and seems to have adapted to the upgrades. It appears to be winning until a new Gauna enters the battle but bizarrely fights for Sidonia.

The new Gauna is a hybrid created in a laboratory. Several of the citizens of Sidonia are now under the control of a former scientist who has found a way to live on and complete his experiments.

Nagate befriends the new Guana, Tsumugi. He visits her at the laboratory on a regular basis until he finds a house which he buys with Izuna, who is now transitioning from neutral to female, something that only happens once the genetically enhanced humans have chosen a mate. Continue reading “Knights of Sidonia – Season Two”

Author Journey June 2017

So, it’s been a busy month, just not quite in the way I had hoped. I lost half of my writing time in June when my relatives visited. Obviously, I can’t complain about that, it’s nice to see them, especially as we have the Atlantic ocean between us.

We took a trip down to Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara. It’s a long drive from Ottawa, even before you hit the Toronto traffic. My son decided that this was a good time to tell us he wanted to go to the water park. He repeated the sentiments all the way from Toronto to Niagara, over and over and over.

We had a great time down there and a lot of fun in the waterpark. My son can’t swim yet, he’s only two, but has absolutely no fear of the water. He wouldn’t even let me go on the slides with him. Continue reading “Author Journey June 2017”