Knights of Sidonia – Season One

The colossal spaceship Sidonia drifts through space housing what might be the last remnants of humanity. Generations have existed entirely within Sidonia, enhanced by genetic manipulations that enable them to photosynthesis and live longer.

Nagate lives deep within the bowels of Sidonia. He spends his days training in a simulator, mastering the skills to pilot a Garde, a large mechanised weapon used to defend Sidonia. His food supplies have run dry and now he must leave his safe haven or starve.

He is caught stealing rice, but given his talent with a Garde the elders have him placed within the defence team. It’s not a moment too soon either as the Gauna, the shapeshifting creatures that destroyed Earth have reappeared. Continue reading “Knights of Sidonia – Season One”

Flash Fiction – Golden Eyes

It’s funny. I wrote Drawings in the Sand just over a year ago. It was selected to go into an anthology, but when I read it through again now, I want to change so much. I want to rewrite it and make it better. It is the curse of the writer.

I think we could keep revising and rewriting a single story our entire lives. There comes a time when we just have to walk away before we revise it back to the way it was when we started.

As I said before, run these competitions weekly. It is open to anyone and is a great way to practice your storytelling. Let me know if you enter. I’d be glad to check out your entry and throw a vote your way.

Every week they post a picture and a title to inspire you. It’s amazing the variety of stories that they spawn. Anyhow, here is another entry I submitted. It wasn’t as successful as the last one, but I still like it. Continue reading “Flash Fiction – Golden Eyes”

Flash Fiction – Drawings in the Sand

This time last year, I dabbled with flash fiction. I’m a big fan of short stories and novellas so thought this would be easy. It’s not. When you are trying to craft a story using only two-hundred and fifty words, every word counts. There’s no room for sprawling, flowery prose. You have to be efficient and clinical.

One of my favourite resources for advice on writing and the business of being an author is There is a wealth of posts and resources, covering every imaginable aspect. They also have a weekly flash fiction contest.

Once the deadline for submissions closes, the readers vote for their favourite. The winning story is then featured on the website. Later in the year, the good people behind Indies Unlimited select their favourites and bundle them into an anthology.

Now, I know I said they are not easy to write and I stand by that, but even so, I was lucky enough to win the people’s vote with one of my entries. Then to my surprise, it was selected to go into the 2016 anthology, which comes out later this year. I’ll let you know when it does but until then, here is my winning entry. Enjoy. Continue reading “Flash Fiction – Drawings in the Sand”

Author Journey May 2017

Well, the snow has gone and things are starting to warm up. I’ve probably got a month before it’s too hot… I feel like May has been the quietest month so far this year or maybe, I just had my head down so I didn’t notice.

After writing almost fifty-three thousand words last month, I was looking to keep the momentum going. Well, it worked. I am flying now and it’s all down to building the habit gradually, which makes sense. You don’t decide to run a marathon a day before the event. It takes months and months of incremental improvements. Well, this is the same thing.

Of course, my twisted imagination must take some of the credit. Even with my rough outline, I am amazed at how easy it has been to keep coming up with new material. There have been a couple of moments where I’ve not been sure where to go. More often than not it can be resolved by adding more problems for Val. It’s surprising how many things can be fixed with more zombies… Continue reading “Author Journey May 2017”