Sword Art Online – Season One

I’ve looked around the internet and Sword Art Online (SAO) seems to be fairly polarising. Well, I’m going to throw my hate firmly into one camp. I loved it. Every single minute of it. I loved the characters, the virtual worlds, the sword fights, the awesome story twists, and the relationships within.

There is one thing I should probably say before I get too into this. I was literally forced to watch more than half of this series overnight, staying up until 6:30 in the morning. There is a chance that my opinion has been swayed by the total immersive viewing experience, but I doubt it. I will go into more details in my Monthly Review, I promise. Now, let’s get back to SAO. Continue reading “Sword Art Online – Season One”

The Seven Deadly Sins – Signs of Holy War

Netflix pulled me back to Britannia with what I thought was season two. I was excited to get back into things, expecting deadlier demons and more evil Holy Knights with insane special abilities. Alas, it was not to be.

Signs of Holy War is not season two. Admittedly, Netflix didn’t say it was. It was my fault. I jumped to a conclusion and now I live with the repercussions of that decision, but I still love Netflix. All that said, it is a four-part mini-series set between season one and season two. So, more Meliodas and his lecherous ways. More Sins. Continue reading “The Seven Deadly Sins – Signs of Holy War”

Author Journey February 2017

Another month down and my word count is growing. My daily average has also seen a pretty significant boost. The habit is setting in and I’m really enjoying the writing process again.

So, I finished off the first draft of volume three in the first three days of the month. That was the last of the stories that I unpublished to rewrite. It’s all new territory from here.

Volume four was a lot of fun to write. There are several different elements and factions at play in this world and this is the first real involvement from the main groups of antagonists. Now, I love my heroes. They are who I write about. It’s their story, but it is so much fun writing about the villains. Continue reading “Author Journey February 2017”