Heaven’s Lost Property – Season 2

Following on from the events of season 1, Tomoki now has two Angeloids living with him. Things are about to become more complicated for the peace and quiet seeking teen. A third Angeloid appears and is determined to kill Tomoki.

The story in the second season falls into the background as a series of episodes designed to play on the characters strengths and weakness while giving them the adequate chance to shine, or not as the case may be. Tomoki is still a huge pervert. Continue reading “Heaven’s Lost Property – Season 2”

Heaven’s Lost Property – Season 1

Tomoki is your average teenage boy. He seeks a quiet life, happy in his small town with no real goals to further himself. An unexplainable reoccurring dream featuring an angel plagues his sleeping hours. Each time he wakes with tears streaming down his face.

One evening Tomoki witnesses a bizarre event where a beautiful winged woman falls from the sky. Before he has a chance to comprehend what he saw, the angel announces that he is her master and she will do his bidding. Continue reading “Heaven’s Lost Property – Season 1”

Author Journey January 2017

So the process of revamping my vampire series has begun… As I mentioned earlier, I spent all my available quiet time over the Christmas break plotting and planning the first half of the series.

Yes, that’s right, twenty-six volumes will take me to the halfway point and a pretty significant event in the story. They will all be short novellas ranging from ten thousand to twenty thousand words. I’m approaching it like a shonen anime series, although each volume will have a self-contained story while contributing to a much larger arc.

This month started slowly as I pushed myself back into the writing routine and it took a couple of days to really get going. I focused on a small target of just five hundred words a day and by the end of the month, I was hitting more than one thousand words a day. Continue reading “Author Journey January 2017”