Saturday Sketches: Week 8

See ya around, Space Cowboy! Bang!

What did you draw this week? For whatever reason, Cowboy Bebop seemed to be on everyone’s minds lately. I have seen multiple posts about it and several comments involving it, so I figured I would throw my hat in with a quick sketch.

I’m almost ashamed to say that I hadn’t seen Cowboy Bebop until the beginning of 2018. How it slipped past my radar is a mystery. I knew of it and was aware of the following, but had never got around to watching it.

Now, I’m considering re-watching it so I can really focus on each episode, breaking down exactly why I think it’s one of the best anime series out there, but that’s for another day. I’ve sketched what I think is one of the most iconic moments in the series. Enjoy.

This is my sketch of Spike Spiegel in his final stand. It’s a moment I loved in the series and thought it was a truly great way to end things. On reflection, I may have let his hair get away from me, but the expression on his face looks good.

It’s also my second male character. That’s two out of seven, which is hopefully enough to hide the fact that I’m mostly drawing good looking girls… Whatever, it’s my pencil, I can do what I want with it.

Want to see me draw someone or something (I’m prepared to draw mecha or monsters too) then put in the comments and I’ll see what I can do.

Other posts in the series.

The Promised Neverland (Episode 7)

Sister Krone tempts the children with an offer that’s hard to refuse, but whether either side will remain honourable is yet to be seen.

What did you watch? For whatever reason, this weeks episode didn’t load up on Funimation at the scheduled time, so I had to put my viewing back until the evening, which meant a blanket ban on social media until then. You know I hate the spoilers, especially so soon after it’s aired. At least give us a chance to watch it.

Do you see what I did there? I moaned about possible spoilers to fill up the preview area and not subject others to spoilers. See, it can be done. Also on the topic of spoilers, I read the first manga volume and was surprised at some of the stuff that didn’t make it into the anime, but don’t worry, I won’t talk about that either.

What happened? At the end of last week, Sister Krone jumped Norman, Emma, Don, and Gilda in the woods and offered to make a deal. Well, great news, we started off at the exact moment so we didn’t have to wait long to see what the deal was. Basically, Krone wants to be the Mother and it would help her if the children escaped.

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Dragonar Academy (Season One)

Ash Blake had been waiting longer than most for his dragon to be born. With a Star Brand unlike any others, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that his dragon would be a bit different, but no one would have expected Eco!

What did you watch and why? For the letter D in my A to Z Anime Challenge, I watched Dragonar Academy. Admittedly, this wasn’t a total shot in the dark as I had already read the first six volumes of the manga in 2018. As I hadn’t seen the anime and was enjoying the manga, I thought it seemed like an ideal opportunity to watch it.

What’s it about? Set in a fantasy world with a mix of magic and technology, a small nation is responsible for the world’s dragons. Unable to breed themselves, dragons are implanted into worthy humans who will later become their masters. One such worthy human, Ash Blake has been waiting a long time for his dragon to be born, but nobody expected this…

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3 Days 3 Quotes Tag (Day 3)

Well, here we are. It’s the third and final day of the 3 Days 3 Quotes tag, so thanks again to Yomu for nominating me. I enjoyed searching through quotes and trying to find ones that spoke to me.

If you missed the earlier quotes, don’t worry. Here are the links to Day 1 and Day 2.

So, this should be interesting as I like the quote and the meaning, although I think it has a small flaw, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

“Even a pawn can take down a King.”

That was the lovely Rias Gremory from High School DxD giving Issei some encouragement. Now, I love the sentiment of the statement. It gives hope to the lowest ranked piece in a game of chess that they can defeat the highest ranked piece. Who doesn’t want to think that they can achieve greatness from such a humble position.

So, that’s great, but if you know anything about chess, you’ll know that the pawn cannot take down the king alone. I don’t think there is any position that it could do it alone.

Who knows, maybe Rias was saying that you also need to rely on the team and their individual strengths. Maybe, I’m just reading too much into it. Anyhow, it’s a cool quote and that’s all that matters.

Stop overthinking it and just be cool.


So, this is my final nomination for the tag and I choose… Alexie the Great at Alex’s Arena. Again, no pressure to keep it going, but it would be great if it did. There are far too many awesome quotes to stop now.

And that’s that. I hope you enjoyed my selection of quotes, basically, never give up, remain positive, and don’t be afraid to take on the mightiest of opponents. Thanks for reading.

3 Days 3 Quotes Tag (Day 2)

This is day two of 3 Days 3 Quotes. I can’t believe it’s almost over already… Ha! That’s a little glass half-empty humour, something that wouldn’t sit too well with the owner of today’s quote.

If you missed Day 1, don’t worry. You can find it here.

All right, let’s get on with Day 2.

“Whatever you do, enjoy it to the fullest. That is the secret of life.”

If you’ve seen Fate/Zero then you’ll be familiar with Rider laughing and drinking and just generally doing whatever he wants. He reminds me of the vikings in The Thirteenth Warrior who basically did the same thing for the entire movie.

So, this is another great quote in my mind. Sure, there are times when we’re doing crappy things that don’t really fulfil us, but if we could just enjoy ourselves a little more wouldn’t that be considerably more bearable.

All of the most enjoyable jobs I’ve had were more about the people I worked with and less about the work being done. It just goes to show that if you are enjoying yourself, even the most mundane tasks can fly by. Basically, it doesn’t hurt to have a positive attitude.

Seriously, which one of these two looks to be having more fun? I’ll give you a clue, it’s not the grumpy looking one in the bottom left corner.


With my second nomination, I choose… animeandfanfiction. Again, no pressure. Feel free to ignore if it’s not something you want to do.

The next quote is coming tomorrow, same place, same time. See you then!